Amazing Pictures of Cherry Blossoms Around the World

As spring approaches, a few select places in the world will be graced by the glorious bloom of the cherry blossoms. The tender sakura flowers are famously associated with Japan, where the annual cherry blossom season is a national treasure and a peak tourist season. The practice of cherry blossom viewing is very important to the Japanese, it even has its own word – hanami. People gather for long walks, picnics, or even boat rides at the many viewing spots during sakura season sakura season in Japan,according to the cherry blossom forecast dates. The custom has some spiritual roots and is considered a time for reflection in the country.

Away from the Japanese cherry blossom, there are in fact several places around the world where you can enjoy the charm these flowers bring. Korea and Taiwan are leading destinations with quite a few outstanding cherry blossom viewing spots of their own. China also has a few.

The rare blossoms do make an appearance in a few special places in Europe, USA and Canada too. They’re so pretty we had to pull together pictures of beautiful cherry blossoms around the world! These pictures were taken by travellers like you, courtesy of Trover.

Pictures of Cherry Blossoms Around the World

 Tidal Basin, Washington DC

 St Vitus Cathedral, Prague

 Setagaya Park, Vienna

 High Park, Toronto

 High Park, Toronto, Canada

 Kamo District, Japan

 Tidal Basin, Washington DC

 Dublin, Ireland

 Virginia Beach, Toronto

 High Park, Toronto


 Stockholm, Sweden

 Kungstradtgarden, Stockholm

 London, UK

 The quad, Seattle Washington campus

 Washington DC

 Edinburgh, Scotland

 San Jose

 San Francisco Botanical Gardens

 Philadephia, Fairmount Park

 Mississauga Park, Ontario

 International Buddhist Trust of NZ, New Zealand

 Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, New York

 Hamilton, New Zealand

 Jackie Kennedy Reservoir, New York

 Cheekwood Estate, Nashville, Tennessee

 Gyeongju, South Korea

 Gyeonghwa Station, South Korea

 Hinokinai River, Japan

 High Park, Toronto

 Nori River, Japan

 Nakameguro, Tokyo

 Nagaike Shinsui Park, Lake Yamanaka, Japan

 Kurashiki Bikan, Japan

 Kanazawa Castle. Japan

 Hirosaki Castle, Japan


 Qingdao, China

 Baiyun Mountain, China

 Washington DC

 Revelstoke British Columbia

 Central Park, British Columbia

 Bern Rose Garden, Switzerland

 Kersenbloesempark, Netherlands

 Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

 Trinity Gardens, Dublin

 Tidal Basin, Washington DC