A Weekend In: Jeju Island

A Weekend In: Jeju Island

The picturesque island of Jeju is not surprisingly rife with attractions, although what perhaps surprises most visitors are the uniqueness and diversity of these things to see. Abundantly a trophy of nature, not-too-secretly a hub of off-beat museums, and a showcase of talented performers from the stage to the sea, Jeju Island delivers a full experience to every weekend stay. Here’s an itinerary of how to achieve just that.

Day 1

A Taste of Culture, Nature & Authentic Cuisine

Jeju Beach

Image by YooChung

  • Begin the day with a stroll along Jungmun Beach. Go for a swim if you want, but remember to conserve energy for the day ahead! Tip: To get around the island with ease, we highly recommend renting a car for the day. The island’s pretty small so it shouldn’t take too long to get around, but you’ll definitely be glad for the convenience!

  • Jeju, apart from its natural sights and scenery, is also known for its quirky museums. Make a stop at the Teddy Bear Museum near Jungmun Beach, then to Loveland up north, closer to Jeju City. (Caution: As its name implies, this Jeju landmark is…a museum on lovemaking. Parental guidance for the young ones!)

  • After lunch, what about a trip to the Jeju Stone Park? Roam alongside incredible stone sculptures and learn about the legend behind Jeju Island’s formation.

  • Around 5PM, after your day’s excursions, visit the home of Jeju natives Mr. and Mrs. Kim and their family. Enjoy a dinner of local fare and receive a crash course on Korean dining etiquette. Try on a hanbok, a type of traditional clothing, then enjoy a round or two of a Korean board game. Indeed, few other experiences take you close to the heart of Jeju Island – its very own people!

Day 2

Head East (Saturday)

Seongeup Village Jeju

Seongeup Village

  • Start your day at another one of Korea’s favorite museums, the Trick Art Museum. Ready your camera batteries for all the shots you’ll be taking at mind-boggling, life size optical illusions!

  • Drop by the Seongeop Folk Village at the foot of Mt. Hallasan for an interesting glimpse of Jeju’s culture and heritage.

  • After a delicious Korean lunch buffet, enjoy a show featuring the legendary haenyeo, women the average age of 65 who free dive up to 20 meters into the ocean for a catch!

  • Next, make the climb up to Seongsan Sunrise Peak, where you’ll be blessed at the top with breathtaking views.

  • Then head back down to the Manjang Cave to see the spectacular Lava Tubes, which are quite the sight. Tip: Why not book a tour* covering all sites, which comes complete with convenient transportation? The tour commences and ends at 8:30AM and 6PM.

  • Wrap up the day with the NANTA Show, the award-winning musical kitchen extravaganza you don’t want to miss while in Korea! We recommend catching the 8PM schedule.

*This tour takes place Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Feel free to switch itineraries with Day 3 to accommodate your travel period.

Day 3

See the West (Sunday)

Hallim Park Jeju

Hallim Park

  • For your last day on the island, see more of Jeju’s natural feats. Begin at the beautiful Hallim Park, and roam its numerous, lovely gardens.

  • Then go for a trek at Suweolbong, a UNESCO-designated Geopark. Keep your eyes peeled for the awesome volcanic rock formations!

  • Take a break with a Korean-style lunch buffet, then head off to the otherworldly Spirited Garden, considered one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

  • Drop by the former Japanese base camp, Althr Airfield.

  • Head up to Mt. Sanbang, via a trek up a mountain of volcanic lava (yes, it’s as incredible as it sounds). Apart from a cave perched 150 meters above sea level, you’ll also come to a peak of magnificent views, proving every bit worth the climb.

  • Make a stop at Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, known also as ‘The Pond of God,’ a beautiful three-tier cascade.

  • Tip: Again, we recommend booking a tour* to see these sites with ease and convenience. (8:30AM-6PM)

  • Head out for a taste of Jeju’s nightlife. Drop by Tap-dong-lo in Jeju City, the more populated evening hub and grab dinner at one of its many restaurants, open late into the night.

*This tour takes place Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If needed, switch itineraries with Day 2 to accommodate your travel period.