A Guide to Your First Couple’s Holiday in Hong Kong

A Guide to Your First Couple’s Holiday in Hong Kong

Your first trip away together can be just as eye-opening as it is exciting. When we picture a romantic getaway for two, we tend to imagine sunset strolls along paradise beaches, indulgent evening meals overlooking the sea and so on. That’s all part of it, of course, but when you’re spending 24 hours a day with each other for the first time in your relationship, you’re also going to experience the less idyllic elements.

Hong Kong has a bit of a reputation for being a concrete jungle, but there’s so much more to see besides the skyline (albeit spectacular!). White sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are just a stone’s throw away from the center, as are the beautifully rustic New Territories. There’s something to suit every kind of holiday goer – from challenging hiking trails for the outdoors adventurer, to authentic cooking classes for the more creative among us.

The city’s diversity and charm makes it the ideal location for a romantic vacation. Here are some itinerary ideas to help you make the most of your quality time together, and a few tips for tackling the common problems that couples might encounter on their first trip away.

Getting To Your Hotel

You’ve finally made it through immigration and the airline didn’t lose your baggage – hoorah! But don’t pop the cork just yet, as what lies ahead is probably going to be the biggest challenge of your entire holiday – getting to your accommodation. This is when you’ll start to notice how little sleep you got on that however-many-hour-long flight, and how snappy your other half has suddenly become at your every suggestion…

We all like to think that we’re pros at navigating our way around new places, but don’t be surprised if your partner presumes that their plan of action is far better than your own. Spare yourselves an embarrassing shout out at the airport, and book your transfer tickets ahead of time.

Tripsle offers a ‘couple’ of convenient options to choose from:

Airport Express

If you’re itching to get straight to your hotel room (no one’s judging!), then hop on the Airport Express for the quickest and cheapest transfer in town. You’ll reach the center in less than 30 minutes, so you can get the holiday started almost as soon as you land!

Price per ticket: from HK$ 44. Book here

Luxe Airport Shuttles

Bus Transfer Hong Kong

Sometimes though, you just want your first trip away to be a honeymoon experience from start to finish. If that’s the case, then why not opt for a more comfortable ride and book a seat on a luxury shuttle bus. Sit back and let the professional team on board pamper you all the way to your hotel.

Price per ticket: HK$ 119. Book here

Planning and Compromising

Holiday Planning

Even if you’re the kind of couple that’s practically inseparable, you might find yourselves disagreeing on what to do when you’re planning a whole week together. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly incompatible. And there’s no need to start wishing that you’d just gone away with your girlfriends or the lads instead!

Luckily, Hong Kong has absolutely everything to offer – from beautiful beaches to abseiling adventures – to suit serious sunbathers and adrenaline junkies alike. It’s tempting to be selfish when you’ve spent all of your savings on this break, or fought with your boss for weeks for the time off work. But just make sure that you’re planning a range of activities to keep you both happy.

We’ve tried our best to help you out by categorising activities by interest on our website. Head over to Tripsle’s Hong Kong page to start planning a schedule that suits the two of you.

Escaping the Tourist Crowds

You came away for quality time, and so joining the masses is probably the last thing on your agenda. Hong Kong certainly has its fair share of tourists, but you can easily escape the crowds and enjoy the same experiences more intimately. If you’re looking to extend your quality time beyond the city center, take a look at some of these trips for two.

Lovers’ Cycling

Hong Kong has a reputation for being a bit of a concrete jungle, but you only need to take a short trip to the New Territories to see the wonderful wildlife that lies beyond. Spend a day pedalling in natural paradise, and discover the best place to watch the sunset for your own private viewing. Even if you’re not the best biker, you’ll only have to embarrass yourself in front of your loved one after all!

Private Yacht Cruise

What could be more romantic than being out at sea to watch the stars come out, sipping on a glass of wine and soaking up the evening ambience?

Cruises are a popular attraction in Hong Kong, but don’t let the noisy masses detract from the tranquillity of the night. Board a private yacht for an unforgettable evening, complete with a delicious three course dinner and sparkling wine to share.

Price: HK$ 13650. Book here

Enjoy your trip to Hong Kong