A Guide to A Rail Trip in Taiwan – Part III (Taichung City)

A Guide to A Rail Trip in Taiwan – Part III (Taichung City)

THSR Taichung Station

Taichung high speed railway

Compared with Taipei, Taichung shows the less prosperous facet of Taiwan on the western coast of central Taiwan. TSHR Taichung Station is located in Wuri District, a suburban district in Southern Taichung. Taichung station takes you to the two of Taiwan’s most beautiful areas, namely Sun Moon Lake and Cingjing.

-Sun Moon Lake-

Sun Moon Lake National Scenic area is a world-renowned natural paradise which has plenty to offer around this largest body of water in Taiwan. Sun Moon Lake got its romantic name because the east side of the lake resembles the sun whereas the west  side mirrors the shape of a crescent moon.  It is the only attraction in Taiwan that allows visitors to fully appreciate the beauty of nature in the air, down on ground and around the lake. Ranked by CNN in 2012, the cycling trail around Sun Moon Lake is one of the 10 most breathtaking cycling trails in the world.

How to go:From THSR Taichung station take Nan-Tou Bus (南投客運) to Sun Moon Lake directly.

To Do:

1. Sun Moon Lake Boat Tour

Sun Moon Lake

Photo credit:pai ch’un Che

There is no way that you don’t cruise around Sun Moon Lake if you visit this natural wonderland. Hop on a boat and let it show you the best scenery around the shimmering turquoise water. You can board the train at either Shuishe Pier, Syuanguang pier or Ita Thao pier. All three piers offers shuttle boat service in either direction.

Boat service usually runs from 8am to 6pm and it takes about 1.5 hours. A general adult ticket costs NT$300. More ticketing information at here.

2. Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

The 7-minute-ride from Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village to Ita Thao Settlement allows visitor to appreciate the scenery from the top and have a bird’s eye view of the curious shape of Sun Moon Lake.

The cable car service runs from 10:30am to 4pm. A general adult ticket costs NT300. More ticketing information at here.

One thing you should know: Visitors who have purchased entrance ticket to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village can enjoy a free ride of the ropeway.

3. Wenwu Temple

 Wen Wu Temple

Photo credit: 小楊先生

Sun Moon Lake Wenwu Temple is one of the most visited attractions in Sun Moon Lake. During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese tore down two temples due to the construction of hydroelectric power plants. Later, they rebuilt a new one at the present location which is Wenwu Temple.

After World War II when the government decided to develop tourism in Sun Moon Lake, the architecture was expanded and re-designed in Chinese palace style. Today, Wenwu Temple houses 3 separate halls dedicated to various Chinese gods.

One thing you should know: At the bottom of Wenwu Temple is Wenwu hiking trail. There are 366 ascending stairs denoting each day of a year. A date and the names of the the celebrities who has the corresponding birthday are carved on each step.

-Wenwu Temple-

Address: No.63, Jhongshan Rd., Yuchih Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

Opening hours: 24 hours(enter via side entrance after 8pm)

4. Ci En Pagoda

Ci En Pagoda

Photo credit: Jessie Jair

Ci En Pagoda was built by President Chiang Kai-shek in memory of his mother. The pagoda was located on the 954-meter-high mountain Shabalan Mountain. Spanning about 46 meter, the 9-story-pagoda reaches 1000 meters above sea level. Visitors are welcome to the highest level to have a spectacular view of the lake.

-Ci En Pagoda-

Address: The route going around Sun Moon Lake

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To Eat:

1. Grandma Jinpan’s Tea Eggs

Grandma Jinpan’s Tea Eggs

Photo credit: Stephen Hu

Grandma’s Jin pan’s Tea Eggs is located at the first stop of the boat tour, Syuanguang Temple. Tea egg is an extremely popular Taiwanese snacks and Grandma Jinpan’s tea egg is said to be the signature food of Sun Moon Lake. You can smell the eggs once the boat arrives at the pier.

-Grandma Jinpan’s Tea Eggs-

Address: No. 338, Zhongzheng Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 555

Opening Hours:  9am – 6pm

2. Sun Moon Lake Restaurant (日月潭餐坊)

Sun Moon Lake Restaurant

Photo credit: swanblog

The restaurant conveniently lies opposite Zhongxing car park around Shuishe pier. Recommended by a lot of locals, this family-run restaurant offers authentic food of Ita Thao at a reasonable price. There is an English menu and the staff speak some English. Look for the Chinese name of the restaurant and you might need to make reservation in advance.

-Sun Moon Lake Restaurant-

Address: No. 32-3, Zhongxing Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 555

Opening Hours: 11am – 2pm, 5pm – 8pm

Tel: +886 4 9285 6806


If you want a bit of greenery, Cingjing is the place to go. In Cingjing Farm you can lie on the spacious grassland and enjoy the Taiwanese sunshine. Since the farm sits 1,750 meters above the sea, the weather is generally mild all year round with an average temperature ranging from 15℃ to 23℃. Sheep run around in the farm and you can freely interact with them in a close distance.

How to go: FromTHSR Taichung station take Nan-Tou Bus (南投客運) to Cingjing Farm directly.

To Do:

1. The Green Green Grasslands

Green Green Grasslands

Photo credit: Bill Tu

Green Green Grassland is the most beautiful area in Cingjing. Reaching 1800 meters above sea level, this vast piece of green almost touches the blue sky. Visitors can walk along the strolling trails and feel the peace in nature. The weekend sheep shearing show is another reason why Green Green Grassland is an ideal getaway destination for both local and foreign tourists.

One thing you should know: A general entry ticket costs NT160 (weekdays) and NT200 (weekends). More ticketing information here.

-The Green Green Grasslands-

Address: No. 170, Renhe Rd, Ren’ai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 546

Opening hours: Mon – Fri  8am – 4pm

Sat – Sun  8am – 5pm

Book a Green Green Grasslands Tour Now

2. The Recreation Centre of Cingjing Farm

The Recreation Center of Cinjing Farm

Photo credit: travel.yam

The Recreation Centre is the main shopping area in Cingjing. The centre houses restaurants, cafes, snack shops and kiosk stores. Take it slow and enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the cafes after wandering in the grassland. That’s what a Cingjing-lifestyle is like.

One thing you should know: Try the fresh and juicy peach harvested locally at the market. It’s gonna delight your day.

-The Recreation Centre of Cingjing Farm-

Address: 26-1 Dingyuen New Village, Datong Village, Ren’ai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 546

Opening hours: 8:30am – 9pm

To Eat:

1. Inako Senic Restaurant

Inako Scenic Restaurant

Photo credit: Inako Scenic Restaurant

Located right at the foot of Emmanual FarmHouse, Inako Senic Restaurant makes the best roasted chicken and steamed fish.The chicken is slowly cooked to perfection and that’s why the meat is so tender and juicy. In the restaurant you can also enjoy an amazing mountain view.

-Inako Senic Restaurant-

Address: No. 36-1, Ln. Xingyi, Renhe Rd., Renai Township, Nantou, Taiwan

Opening hours: 10am – 9pm

Tel: +866 4 9280 3710

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