5D4N Muslim-Friendly Itinerary In Busan And Jeju To Explore A Different Side Of South Korea

5D4N Muslim-Friendly Itinerary In Busan And Jeju To Explore A Different Side Of South Korea

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Conquer 2 cities in one trip!

Home to exciting cultural spots and even more incredible scenic sights, Busan and Jeju deserve to be in the spotlight! Two of the most popular holiday destinations apart from Seoul, they should be on your next must-visit list. Did you know, you can find some pretty spectacular Muslim-friendly Korean cuisine in those cities too? Many of them even have prayer room available upon request!

To have a peek into some of the must-visit and must-eat spots, keep reading for a suggested 5D4N itinerary that includes both Busan and Jeju.


Day 1

Step into the seafood heaven of Jagalchi Fish Market

Photo Credit: Laurie Nevay for Flickr

Your first stop in Busan has got to be the Jagalchi Fish Market. The country’s largest and world-famous seafood market, you will find an endless selection of seafood. In fact, almost half of South Korea’s seafood is from Jagalchi Market!

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Aside from your usual mackerel, crab, squid, and so on, be sure to be on the lookout for the various weird and strange-looking sea creatures. In this huge area, there are outdoor and indoor sections with more seafood than you can ever eat and identify.

If you fancy yourself a meal of the freshest seafood you can ever find, head one floor up from the main market. Pick from one of the many restaurants and feel free to ask for suggestions on must-try seafood dishes and they’d know the best way to prepare them as well!

Chill by Haeundae Beach

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Easily one of the most iconic beaches in Busan, this 1.5km long white sandy beach is a must-visit. Kick back and soak in the beautiful view of the coastline as you enjoy the sea breeze in Haeundae Beach. Do bring along an extra change of clothes should you wish to go for a quick swim or maybe bury yourself in the sand!

Come evening time, get your camera phone ready to snap some beautiful sunset sceneries. At night, it becomes a lively atmosphere with music from street performers as well as vibrant fireworks.

Dinner at Eobu (어부)

Photo Credit: Halal Restaurant Week Korea

Just a short walk from Haeundae Beach, you can find Eobu which is a seafood restaurant rated Muslim-friendly by the Korea Tourism Organisation. Combining the best of Korean cuisine with fresh catches, the specialty of this restaurant is seafood grilled over a charcoal fire.

Also appears on Google as ‘Haeundae Fishermen’, this restaurant serves only seafood. While they don’t use alcohol in the preparation of dishes, do note that they serve alcoholic beverages much like other local restaurants.

Day 2

Join a Busan East Coast cultural day tour

Haedong Yonggungsa | Photo Credit: Jordi Sanchez for Flickr

On your second day in Busan, start the day bright and early with a day tour to discover the top popular sites. Start the day with a trip to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, a stunning Buddhist temple built in 1736.

Next up, it’s Taejongdae for stunning views of the ocean, Danubi train, observation deck, lighthouse and Taejongsa Temple. After lunch in Taejongdae, it’s time to go on the Songdo Skywalk followed by the magnificent and colourful Gamcheon Culture Village!

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Fly to Jeju Island

Make your way to Gimhae Airport to catch one of the later flights to Jeju Island for your next half of the adventure. For the most efficient use of time, opt for the Seomyeon Station drop off after the tour ends since that is the shortest commute to the airport. Also, do budget for more time between the tour and your flight in case of delays due to weather or traffic!

Jeju Island

Day 3

Explore Jeju Island’s UNESCO sites on a day tour

Hallasan Peak | Photo Credit: Richard Lee for Flickr

Jusangjeolli Cliff | Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Home to several spectacular UNESCO-listed sites, visit a few of them on this day tour. Beginning with the mind-boggling Mysterious Road on the Jeju south route, this offbeat attraction is an optical illusion where vehicles and objects appear to roll up the hill when in fact it’s a downhill slope!

Next up, it’s time to get those quads working with a hike up the Mt. Halla Eoseungsaengak Trail to the 1,100 Altitude Wetland on Hallasan. After a well-deserved lunch, the tour continues with visits to other popular locations like the Jusangjeolli Cliff, Yakchoensa Temple and Cheonjiyeon Falls before concluding in a green tea farm.

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Dinner at Bada Punggyeong (바다풍경)

After a tiring but fruitful day of exploring Jeju, you’re owed a delicious and comforting meal of seafood stew! Make your way to Bada Punggyeong, a Muslim-friendly restaurant, that serves only seafood. The best part? You can enjoy your meal with a side of a stunning sea view!

Their braised mackerel stew is raved about plenty and a definite must-try! Aside from stews, they also do grilled fish, fried shrimp, and more. Prayer room is also available upon request for those who want to do their prayers. Do note that while the restaurant doesn’t use alcohol and meat in their meal preparation, they do serve alcoholic beverages.

Day 4

Discover Eastern Jeju on an exciting day tour

Jeju’s famous ‘haenyeo‘ female divers

Seongsan’s Sunrise Peak

On your second day in Jeju, let your exploration take you to the eastern region of the island on a day tour. Begin the day with a fun horse riding show on good weather. Next up, see a unique part of Jeju’s cultural heritage at Seongeup Folk Village,  nestled at the foot of Mt. Halla.

After lunch, watch Jeju’s famous ‘haenyeo’ female divers in action and braving the cold as they dive for the freshest catch. Conclude the day trip with a trek up the volcanic peak for breathtaking views at Seongsan Sunrise Peak, before delving inside Manjang Cave, one of the most impressive lava tunnels in the world.

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Dinner at Daewonga (대원가)

Photo Credit: Korea Tourism Organization

The seafood feast continues at none other than Daewonga, which specialises in haemul cheongbol or seafood hotpot. The loaded seafood hotpot is almost overflowing with abalone, crab, octopus, and scallops in a spicy kimchi soup. Certainly a dish fit for kings and queens!

You wouldn’t want to waste a single drop of the broth, so make sure to ask for some ramen to cook in that liquid gold! Apparently, the seafood served in Daewonga is freshly caught by Jeju’s haenyeo divers.

Day 5

Wind down at the Innisfree Jeju House

For Korean skincare lovers, Innisfree is no stranger to you! When in Jeju, you can’t miss out on the chance to visit the Innisfree Jeju House that is more than just a skincare store. Beautifully designed, this Insta-worthy space houses a cafe and a tea field as well.

Wind down at the cafe and sink your teeth into some dessert overlooking the view of the tea farm! You can also take part in their Natural Soap Class and make your very own soap using ingredients found on the island like green tea, tangerine, and volcanic clay.

OSULLOC Tea Museum

Located next to the Innisfree Jeju House, the OSULLOC Tea Museum is worth a visit as well. The first tea museum in South Korea, it’s the best place to learn about Korean tea history and tradition.

For green tea lovers, you’re spoilt for choice with their selection of tea, cakes, ice-cream, and bingsu. The museum is separated into different spaces including an indoor garden, gallery, tea store, and more.

Bid goodbye to South Korea

It’s time to make your way home, although with a heavy heart but certainly with many wonderful memories from Busan and Jeju!

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To ensure that you have a smooth-sailing trip, remember to get your travel essentials all sorted out. Pre-book your 4G SIM Card and airport transfer. To easily explore Busan and Jeju, look up day tour options on Tripsle with many to choose from! If you’re a proud holiday planner, then why not opt for a private car charter and have the driver take you around following your travel itinerary. Just sit back and enjoy the holiday you deserve!