5 of the Best Diving Locations in Asia

6 of the Best Diving Locations in Asia

One of the ultimate ways to explore the vast ocean that makes up two-thirds of our world is by taking the leap and diving right in. Night, cave, wreck or deep diving, Asia has arguably the most extensive variety of dives suitable to all experience levels. I’ve listed some of my favourite locations to discover the colourful underwater world below. So, suit up and get ready to wade into the waters of the best diving spots in the continent!

Tioman Islands, Malaysia

Tioman Diving Season

So, now you know one of the best islands to dive but do you know the suitable season for a dive?

Tioman Island, like the rest of Malaysia is a tropical country with low humidity, hot weather and occasional rainfall throughout the rest of the year. It is best to ensure the right season to dive.

1. November till February

  • Monsoon Season.
  • It brings strong waves and unusually high tides during those time.
  • Diving is not allowed.

2. March till October

  • Dry Season
  • The warm water in the seas brings out the richness of the marine life.
  • Possible to dive

3. Mid March till May and September till Mid October

  • Best time for diving.
  • Best visibility ranges from 15m to 30m.
  • Water temperatures range from 27- 29°c

Similan Islands, Thailand

Phuket Similan Islands

Photo by Ricardo Hurtubia

Only 84 km away from bustling Patong Beach in Phuket, this Thai national park consists of a collection of granite islands – the name ‘similan’ is derived from the Malay word ‘sembilan’ which translates to the number nine. These islands are completely uninhabited except for a single resort and tents available for rent. Divers mainly come here for the great diversity of fish species, including the popular clownfish or ‘nemo fish’, as they are fondly known. The great visibility which can reach 40mm is a big reason why it remains a popular diving location for experienced divers who return year after year.

How to get there: Your best bet is to get to Taplamu Pier in Khao Lak and to take a boat from there (60-80 min by speedboat). From Phuket bus station, almost all buses heading north will pass through Khao Lak (90 min – 3 hours), leaving every hour or so. For a more convenient time, book a day trip to the Similan Islands from Phuket and everything will be taken care of for you.

Flights to Phuket are frequent and inexpensive for most of Asia. At time of writing, a quick search on Skyscanner shows return flights from Hong Kong for a May 2016 weekend come to around US$140.

Tulamben, Indonesia

Wreck Diving Indonesia

History buffs and adventurous divers will equally enjoy diving the USAT Liberty shipwreck in Bali. The 3 to 30 meter wreck is suitable for divers of all experience levels; traverse through the Second World War casualty and keep an eye out for the blue spotted stingrays, which are often buried beneath the sand. Spend time identifying lion fish, scorpion fish and moray eels in the outer edges of the wreck, or strap on a torchlight to explore the deep crevices of the ship.

How to get there: Traveling around Bali isn’t always easy. Booking a private car charter online or once you arrive is one option however we’d recommend booking your whole trip in advance including hotel pick up such as this two shipwreck dives in Tulamben activity where qualified divers can explore up to 30 meters and those with no experience can get an introductory diving taster lesson.

Keep an eye out for bargain flights to Bali, Skyscanner found flights from Hong Kong for May 2016 for less than US$200 at time of writing.

Ari Atoll, Maldives

Ari Atoll dive Maldives

Photo by Neville Wootton

Ari is a diving hotspot bringing divers all over the world as well as liveaboards to its waters. Unlike the wide stretches of barrier reef, Ari features a lot of submerged pinnacles that you can dive in and around. The highlight of diving in Ari Atoll is the reliable sightings of big marine life – manta rays, hammerhead sharks and even whale sharks are some of the sea creatures that you can expect to see on your dive.

How to get there: You’ll have to have a bigger budget for the Maldives. Flights are pricier traveling from anywhere as these islands are more isolated. A brief search came up with few flights cheaper than US$400 from Hong Kong to Male, but keep an eye out, I’ve seen a few last minute bargains.

Kerama Islands, Japan

Japan Okinawa Kerama Islands

Only 4 out of 22 islands in Kerama are inhabited, making it a relatively undiscovered paradise with unspoiled beaches and crystal blue waters. The local community consciously protects the rich marine life and clear waters from pollution. With over 400 species of corals and a spawning ground for sea turtles, get ready to greet an abundance of breathtaking underwater scenery.

How to get there: Flights to Naha Airport in Okinawa are getting cheaper and more convenient by the month. May 2016 direct flights from Hong Kong were as little as US$170 on Skyscanner when this post was written. Once in Okinawa, it’s a 35-70 minutes by high speed ferry from Naha. An all-inclusive diving day trip will save you the hassle or organising transport with direct hotel transfers from Naha city included.

Mabul Island, Malaysia

Blue-Ringed Octopus, Mabul Island Malaysia

Photo by Angell Williams

Neighbouring island to the famous Sipadan, Mabul is known as one of the best locations in the world for macro diving. In this muck diving atmosphere, you will discover all sorts of quirky and fascinating sea creatures like frog fish, colourful octopuses and a variety of crustaceans on the seabed. The dive sites are relatively shallow at around 12-18 meters deep but the fun in diving in Mabul’s waters come from getting very close to rare types of marine life.

How to get there: Frequent and cheap flights run from Kota Kinabalu (50 min) or Kuala Lumpur (2 hr 45) to Tawau Airport (that weekend in May had flights for less than US$70).  From Tawau, continue by land to the port town of Semporna (1 hr 30) From Semporna, you will continue by boat to Mabul island (45-60 minutes). To make sure you arrive in time for same day transfers, be sure to catch a flight that lands in Tawau before 2pm.

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Where did you last dive at? We want to hear about your favorite spots!