5 Alternative Hong Kong Tours

5 Alternative Hong Kong Tours

For a first-time visitor to Hong Kong, there are a number of must-visit destinations on your itinerary: the Peak, Victoria Harbour, the Avenue of Stars… to name a few. But how to get the best experience without it being ruined by hundreds of other tourists all manning a selfie stick? And where to go once the main hotspots are ticked off? Here are some alternative Hong Kong tours that’ll put an interesting spin on your Hong Kong experience.

HK 101 Tour

Ideal for first-time visitors looking for a more personalised experience. This is a brilliant introductory tour to Hong Kong but without the hoards of other tourists or a ‘hop-on hop-off’ concept, but also perfect for the repeat visitor who craves a more in depth knowledge of Hong Kong’s sights. Led by an informed local guide, this small group tour begins in Tsim Sha Tsui, taking you across to Central, Admiralty and Sheung Wan for top spots like Man Mo Temple, the Bank of China Tower and St John’s Cathedral. Not to mention a thorough use of Hong Kong’s iconic transport systems: the Star Ferry, the Mid-Level Escalators and a ‘Ding-Ding’ (tram).

Hong Kong Dessert Tour

Dessert is pretty much a staple in the Asian diet. Hong Kong locals take their dessert seriously, and believe me, they do a pretty great job of it. Forget rich chocolate cakes or sugary boiled sweets and open your eyes to a whole different kind of dessert discovery. Enter the humble custard bun, glutinous rice in all shapes and sizes, and the sweet root vegetable delight that is taro. The Hong Kong Dessert Tour leads you to ten different popular dessert spots in Sheung Wan and Hong Kong. Led by a local, you’ll not only get an insight into Chinese dessert culture but also some fascinating tidbits of knowledge about the area too. A word of advice: arrive with an empty stomach!

Hong Kong Art Gallery Tour

Soho Gallery Walk

If the thought of walking into a gallery makes you feel uncomfortable, you dread a conversation turning to the topic of art, or you just have no idea at which Hong Kong gallery to start, then the Soho Gallery Walk might just be for you. The art scene in Hong Kong is thriving and there are some truly amazing artists cropping up on the scene. You’ll be lead around some of Soho’s top galleries, gaining knowledge from your enthusiastic guide and picking up tips and tricks about art valuation and auctions. A whole new level of art appreciation is coming your way!

Price: 200 HKD. Book here.

Wan Chai Haunted Tour

Heritage & Haunted Tour

Wan Chai may not be the first place you’d think of with a haunted past. But beyond the buzzing nightlife, cultural hotspots and artsy communities, Wan Chai is hiding a pretty shady past with a number of spooky stories to go with it. Tour guide Maria, long time Wan Chai resident with a fascination with its history, leads you on an eye opening tour. An old cinema with a bloody story, an abandoned school and a haunted mansion that was once a brothel. Maria will relate to you all the spooky tales passed down the generations as you walk. It’s for you to decide if you believe them or not!

Hong Kong Helicopter Tour

Hong Kong Helicopter Tour

This is the ultimate way to sightsee. Fly high above the Hong Kong skyline, peer down on the beaches below, take in the enormity of the Big Buddha and other famed sights, and feel immensely superior over the regular tourists below. You can join in with others or charter the whole helicopter privately for up to six people. So why not bookmark this incredible experience for a special occasion?

Price: From 1959 HKD pp or 9795 HKD for six. Book here.