25 Amazing Japanese phrases for rugby fans in 2019

Helloooooo rugby fans!

Well, after four years of waiting, the world of rugby has finally come to Japan 🇯🇵

But more importantly, after nine ballots entered, three drunken near-misses on eBay, one re-mortgaged house, and more painstaking preparation than Dan Biggar…

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you’ve made it to Japan!

And let’s be honest – it feels good, right?

Yup, you’re the rugbyist rugby fan there ever was and you’ve earned this. It’s a trip of a lifetime and you’re here to make the most of it. So the last thing you want to do is fall short at the last hurdle and miss out on the true Japanese experience by not knowing some useful Japanese phrases to help you have a good old chinwag with the locals.

Don’t worry, though (a dedicated rugby-er like you needs to save your stress battery for the final group games); we’ve pulled together all the useful Japanese phrases that every rugby-adoring tourist should know…

The Basics.

In English: Hi, my name is…

In Japanese: こんにちは、私の名前は…です。

Phonetic tip: Kon’nichiwa, watashinonamaeha…desu.

In English: How much does this cost?

In Japanese: これはいくらですか?

Phonetic tip: Korewa ikuradesu ka?

In English: No

In Japanese: いいえ

Phonetic tip: iie

In English: Yes

In Japanese: はい

Phonetic tip: Hai

In English: Please

In Japanese: お願いします

Phonetic tip: Onegaishimasu

In English: Thank you

In Japanese: ありがとうございます

Phonetic tip: Arigatōgozaimasう

In English: Cheers!

In Japanese: 乾杯!

Phonetic tip: Kanpai!

In English: No, thank you

In Japanese: いいえ、結構です

Phonetic tip: Īe, kekkōdesu

Getting out and about.

In English: Sorry, I don’t speak much Japanese

In Japanese: すみません、私はあまり日本語を話せません

Phonetic tip: Sumimasen, watashi wa amari nihongo o hanasemasen

In English: Where is the train station?

In Japanese: 駅はどこですか?

Phonetic tip: Eki wa dokodesu ka?

In English: Where is the stadium?

In Japanese: スタジアムはどこにありますか?

Phonetic tip: Sutajiamu wa doko ni arimasu ka?

In English: Where’s the nearest bar?

In Japanese: 一番近いバーはどこですか?

Phonetic tip: Ichiban chikai bā wa dokodesu ka?

In English: Where can I watch the rugby?

In Japanese: ラグビーはどこで見られますか?

Phonetic tip: Ragubī wa doko de mi raremasu ka?

In English: Where can I get some food?

In Japanese: 食べ物はどこで買えますか?

Phonetic tip: Tabemono wa doko de kaemasu ka?

In English: No thanks, I’ve already had too much saké!

In Japanese: 大丈夫です、もうにたくさん飲んでいます

Phonetic tip: Daijoubu desu, mou takusan nondeimasu

Classic #rugby bants.

In English: Which team do you support?

In Japanese: どのチームをサポートしていますか?

Phonetic tip: Dono chīmu o sapōto shite imasu ka?

In English: England

In Japanese: イギリス

Phonetic tip: Igirisu

In English: Ireland

In Japanese: アイルランド

Phonetic tip: Airurando

In English: Scotland

In Japanese: スコットランド

Phonetic tip: Sukottorando

In English: Wales

In Japanese: ウェールズ

Phonetic tip: U~ēruzu

In English: High tackle, referee!

In Japanese: ハイタックル、審判!

Phonetic tip: Haitakkuru, shinpan!

In English: Forward pass!

In Japanese: フォワードパス!

Phonetic tip: Fowādopasu!

In English: Knock-on!

In Japanese: ノックオン!

Phonetic tip: Nokku on!

In English: Take the points

In Japanese: ポイントを取る

Phonetic tip: Pointo o toru

In English: Stay out and celebrate with us!

In Japanese: 外に出て私たちと一緒に祝いましょう!

Phonetic tip: Soto ni dete watashitachi to issho ni iwaimashou!

In English: Bring on the All Blacks!

In Japanese: オールブラックスの登場!

Phonetic tip: Ōruburakkusu no toujou!

So there you go. All the useful Japanese phrases you could ask for, right?

And now you’ve got what it takes to chat the night away, it’s time to take a look and start planning what you’re gonna do when you’re not busy watching rugby!

And it just happens that we’ve taken care of that for you too 👉 klook.com


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