24 Cocktails From Countries A-Z To Get Your Drink On Whenever You Travel

24 Cocktails From Countries A-Z To Get Your Drink On Whenever You Travel

Cocktails of the World

Ever wondered what are the favourite cocktails of the different countries in the world? We’ve got the answers right here for you! Imprint your favourites to know exactly which unique concoction you’d like to enjoy on your next trip out!

Australia: The Pavlova


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As a relatively young country, Australia has much to boast – from its insane theme parks to the signature Pavlova dessert (a meringue-based dessert topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits). Brisbane bartender Rinni Kato decided to create The Pavlova; a sour cocktail with a creamy texture dropping hints of Belvedere Vodka and Apricot Brandy.

Bahamas: Goombay Smash


Source: islands.com

Easily one of the best destinations for one of the world’s most exotic beaches, The Bahamas’ national cocktail is one you definitely cannot miss! Order a glass of the Goombay Smash, a tropical combination of pineapple, orange and a whole lotta rum!

Canada – The Caesar


Source: epicure.com

This has got to be the craziest cocktail out of the 24 on our list. The Canadian Caesar is a cocktail containing Vodka, Clamato juice (yes…that’s tomato juice & CLAM broth), a dash of Hot Sauce and finally, Worcestershire Sauce served on the rocks in a large celery salt-rimmed glass. That’s not all…it’s garnished with a stalk of celery and lime too! Have you tried it?

Denmark – First Aid


Source: azuniatequila.com

Specifically, Copenhagen is home to Curfew, a stylish bar located in Vesterbro. Besides serving up old school classics, what caught our attention was First Aid. Expect a fresh burst of flavour as you sip a combination of Gin with Aloe Vera and Grapes.

Estonia – Four Seasons


Source: amazonaws.com

Estonia might not have a national cocktail, but they do have Regeri Zoo, the proud winner of The International Bacardi Legacy cocktail competition. He has created the rather exotic Four Seasons – a delightful mix of sea buckthorn juice, lemongrass, ginger and lime; a representation of the very different seasons in Estonia.

Finland – Moomin Sour


Source: cloudfront.net

Once again, Finland is in search of a worthy contender for the tile of Finland’s Signature Cocktail and it looks like they might have just found it! The winner of Helsinki Cocktail Competition 2016 concocted Moomin Sour – a refreshing mix of Gin, Bols Parfait Amour, lemon and basil.

Germany – Asbach Alexander


Source: garnishwithlemon.com

Looks like Germany is here with their rendition of an Alexander. Although a mouthful, the Asbach Alexander is a mix of Asbach cognac and creme de cacao. Perfect for chocolate lovers!

Hungary – The Puszta


Source: itshungarian.com

Similar to several countries, though not the national cocktail, the Puszta is ready for a fight anytime. With almost equal amounts of Amaro Averna, Madeira and the potent Absinthe, this is one strong glass of alcohol all prepared to knock you off your feet!

Italy – Angelo Azzuro


Source: cellartours.com

Italy is home to several top-notch cocktails, but our favourite remains to be the iconic Angelo Azzurro. An icy-blue cocktail on-the-rocks usually served after dinner (while you’re partying the night away) in a glass filled with Gin, Triple Sec o Cointrau and Blue Curacao.

Japan – Matcha Hai


Source: supercall.com

Out of all the cocktails, the Matcha Hai seems to be the best representative of Japan. A highball-style drink made with Shochu (a distilled alcoholic beverage produced from rice, barley and even sweet potato), soda water and matcha tea. A spectacular surprise on your visit to Japan.

Kenya – The Dawa


Source: feastt.co

Ahh a classic! The Dawa is the signature cocktail of Kenya, an ideal refresher for those stuck in the equatorial climate. Imagine a fresh concoction of Vodka, sugar and lime juice served with a large stick dipped directly in fresh honey (also known as Dawa Sticks)? Refreshing!

Lithuania – Lithuanian Daiquiri


Source: euractive.com

All cocktail superfans would have tried the original Bacardi Daiquiri at least once before and now it’s time to give the Lithuanian version a try! The main flavour of the Lithuanian Daiquiri stems from raspberries accompanied by a tinge of lemongrass, lime and basil.

Mexico – Paloma


Source: tastecocktails.com

According to Bon Appetit, “It turns out the Paloma, not the Margarita, is Mexico’s most beloved cocktail.”

The Paloma is a citrus cocktail playing on the flavours of grapefruits and lime with a splash of tequila or mescal. How about you give it a try and it might become your most beloved cocktail as well!

Nigeria – The Chapman


Source: globaltableadventure.com

The Chapman remains to be the top favourite in Nigeria, so much so that it has clinched the title of National Cocktail! The Chapman is invited to nearly every party and continues to wow drinkers with its complex flavour. A concoction of blackcurrent cordial, Fanta, Sprite, citrus juice, Angostura Bitters, Vodka…and a secret splash of Campari Liquer!

Oman – White Wonder


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Relax and unwind by the secluded beaches of Oman accompanied by the salty ocean breeze as you watch the sunset diffuse into a myriad of orange and pink. Tantalise your taste buds with a glass of Oman’s popular White Wonder – a magical concoction of coconut, orange juice and vodka.

Peru – Pisco Sour


Source: crownmediadev.com

The Pisco Sour is Peru’s signature cocktail and continues to be well-loved around the world. Its name originates from the star ingredient – a South American unaged brandy made with leftover wine grapes called Pisco.

Qatar – Som Pak Chee


Source: bonappetit.com

As a muslim-dominated country, cocktails aren’t as popular but trust us, their mocktail concoctions are the bomb! Our top pick definitely goes to Sabai Thai‘s Som Pak Chee Mocktail. Made from a fine blend of cucumber, lime and a tinge of cilantro, you may switch it up into a cocktail by asking for a splash of gin!

Russia – Kremi Me Up


Source: cloudfront.net

Finally, we have reached the homeland of Vodka and cocktails galore! Kremi Me Up is the perfect drink to enjoy in the evening concocted with Vanilla, Caramel and Raspberry Vodka and a splash of heavy cream. Sounds like a milkshake cocktail doesn’t it?

Singapore – Singapore Sling


Source: liquoronline.uk

Everybody loves the Singapore Sling! When you’re on the sunny island, hit up the original from The Raffles Hotel. A true representation of Singapore’s multicultural community, the Singapore Sling is a tropical blend of cherry heering, Cointreau liqueur, Benedictine, Pineapple and Lime juice as well as Grenadine.

Thailand – Siam Sunrays


Source: cocinayvino.com

Siam Sunrays has been hailed as Thailand’s National cocktail since 2009 and we’re pretty sure it doesn’t disappoint. It consist of a shot of vodka, downed with coconut liqueur, soda water, a dash of chilli pepper, sugar, lime and silvers of lemongrass and ginger. Splendid!

United Kingdom – The Doubonnet


Source: feltandhoney.com

Though not the national cocktail of the United Kingdom, it definitely hits the hearts of the British. Hailed as Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite cocktail, The Doubonnet Cocktail is served with gin on the rocks and the Queen loves hers with a slice of lemon. We heard she has one serving everyday before lunch!

Venice – The Bellinni


Source: tesco.com

Alright, we know Venice isn’t a country but really, who would say no to the place that made The Bellini famous? For those unsure of what it is, The Bellini is a gentle concoction of peach juice and the finest sparkling wine, usually Prosecco or Champagne. It’s a total girls brunch drink!

Washington D.C. – David Washingtonian


Source: architectualdigest.com

Alright, you caught us again, but we just had to with Washington D.C! Drop by Off The Record in Hay-Adams Hotel and get yourself a glass of the David Washingtonian – a unique combination of classic vodka, limoncello and Chambord shaken together with a sour hint resulting in a frothy and balanced cocktail. While you’re there and up for a couple more, try your hand at the Trumpy Sour as well!

Xi’An – Mojito


Source: skinnyms.com

Though they are still in search of their national cocktail, we’ve heard from the grapevine that Misato serves up what might possibly be the best Mojito around town! A combination of fresh mint leaves, lime wedges and white rum that will leave you refreshed on a hot summer day.

Yangon – Pina Colada


Source: epicurus.com

Yangon actually serves up one of the best Pina Coladas at Rau Ram, a bistro located in the heart of downtown Yangon. Be sure to hit up a glass of this delicious blend of rum, pineapple and coconut – the true flavours of Southeast Asia.

Zimbabwe – Negroni Zimbabwe


Source: noletsgin.com

We bet you haven’t heard of this…the Negroni Zimbabwe is a fruity concoction of Campari, Gin and Red Sweet Vermouth. What makes this drink amazing is how most bartenders will coat the glass rim with orange juice and sugar!

How many cocktails have you conquered?

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