17 Attractions Worth A Day Trip From Osaka Including The Naruto Whirlpool, Sunflower Fields & Free Roaming Deers

17 Attractions Worth A Day Trip From Osaka Including The Naruto Whirlpool, Sunflower Fields & Free Roaming Deers

Day Trips Out Of Osaka

A trip to Japan can never be summed up after just one city. With so many iconic attractions dotted just a short train ride away from Osaka, day trips are the perfect fuss-free solution that takes away the stress of itinerary planning and navigating.

Featuring 12 day trips from Osaka to 7 famous cities in Japan such as Nara, Kyoto, and Kobe, these tried-and-tested excursions feature stunning whirlpools, Sunflower fields and even free-roaming deer!


1. Nara Park

Calm your heart because the deer at Nara Park have plenty of cute little antics up their sleeves! Just one of their many quirks, these deer have learned to nudge their heads and bow in anticipation of food.

Nara Park has become a sprawling residence for these national gems. For an exclusive interaction with these kawaii earthlings, deer crackers can be purchased off the streets for just 200 yen ($2.52), the ultimate trick to gaining their favor.

2. Uji Hot Spring Genji-no-yu


Photo credits: Genji -yu.jp

Genji-no-yu’s onsen water is sourced from a steeping depth of 1111m underground. Famed for its health benefits and said to give your skin a natural glow, the rejuvenating warmth will also perk you up and ease your aches from all that exploring.

For the ultimate fuss-free experience, pre-book a day tour along with a knowledgeable guide and transportation to ensure you won’t get lost!

3. Todai-ji Temple

Photo credits: HopeHill on Flickr

If there’s one way to uncover Japan’s culture, it’s definitely through their multitude of temples and shrines. Nara’s Todai-ji Temple, is indisputably a bucket list item.

The enormous wooden structure is the largest of its kind and houses a 15-meter bronze Great Buddha. Not just for the history buffs or those with an interest in antiques, a visit to Nara’s most influential temple has proven to be a profound and spiritual takeaway for many travelers.

4. Kasuga Taisha Shrine

Famed for its quaint stone and bronze lanterns hanging in the main hall of Kasuga Taisha Shrine, these are only lit twice a year during the Japanese Mantoro (lantern festival) in February and August. Make sure to prebook your Nara Afternoon Tour from Osaka if you’re Japan-bound during those periods!

Photo credits: Yūgen on Flickr

Slip out and follow the trail into a mossy botanical garden, another hideout to get up close with the Nara deer! Before heading back to the comforts of your hotel stay in Osaka, indulge in a retail therapy along the way at Nara Nagomikan, a colossal gift shop selling locally produced souvenirs and produce

#Tripsletip: If Nara is in your travel pipeline early next year from late April to early May, you can even catch wisteria flowers in full bloom!

5. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove


Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is a familiar sight even for first-timers. The towering bamboo shoots create an emerald allure, a lush picturesque image that has populated both the gram’ and postcards. Trek along the path for a tranquil escapade from Nara’s hustle and bustle.

Nara Park, Uji, and

Genji Onsen Full Day

Tour from Osaka

Nara Afternoon

Tour from Osaka

Arashiyama & Nara

Park Day Tour from





– Nara Park area

– Uji (Free and Easy)

– Uji Hot Spring


– Nara Park

– Todai-ji Temple

– Kasuga Taisha Shrine

– Nara Nagomikan

– Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

– Nara Park

Kobe, Minamiawaji, Nara, and Naruto

6. Naruto Whirlpool


Photo credits: Japan Guide

Naruto is a gusty city on its own, brought to fame by a phenomenal sighting, the Naruto Whirlpool. The incredibly surreal happening has since stolen the limelight, prompting travelers to arrive at Nara for a first-hand experience of the tidal spin. Despite its seemingly destructive nature, it is absolutely safe for ships to pass by!

#Tripsletip: Catch the Naruto Whirlwind at its peak in Spring when the tides are at its fiercest!

7. England Hill


An eclectic mix of everything, England Hill is a spanking complex consisting of a botanical garden, a petting zoo and even eco-friendly vegetable patches for visitors to harvest and take home!

Also touted as one of the most laid-back and scenic spots, the little ones can get up close with rabbits and prairie dogs while the older kids revamp their social media feed with the seasonal foliage.

8. Kobe Harborland

Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

Make a pit stop at Kobe Harborland, a neon haven cum shopping paradise. You can also rest your legs by the waterfront while jazz music echoes in the background or stay longer and catch some arthouse films.

Naruto Whirlpool,

England Hill, and

Kobe Full Day Tour

from Osaka

Todaiji Temple, Kobe

Kitano-chō Ijinkan, &

Kobe Harborland Day

Tour from Osaka




– Naruto Whirlpool

– England Hill

– Kobe Harborland and Anime Street

– Todaiji Temple

– Nara Park

– Kobe Ijinkan

– Kobe Harborland


9. Miyajima O-Torii Gate

Photo credits: Ruth Hartnup on Flickr

The O-Torii Gate (Grand Torii Gate) doesn’t need any introduction. Rooted right in the middle of a calming oasis, it naturally afforded the likes and curiosity of many tourists. The floating emblem wards against evil spirits and is best captured at dusk or when the sun peeks up during sunrise.

10. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park & Museum


The atomic devastation in Hiroshima is something you’ve definitely read about in history textbooks.Take a glimpse into the past at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum and learn the stories behind the lives of the turbulent period.

11. A-Bomb Dome

Photo credits: Luca Sartoni on Flickr

The A-Bomb Dome is one of the last few standing remnants from the devastation. Today, it is a global icon for peace and a refuge for people to make their heartfelt prayers.

Hiroshima & Miyajima

Group Day Trip

from Osaka

Hiroshima and Miyajima

Day Tour from Osaka,

Kyoto, or Hiroshima




– Miyajima, Itsukushima Shrine

– Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

& Museum

– Atomic Bomb Dome

– Atomic Bomb Dome

– Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

– Peace Memorial Museum

– O-Torii Gate passing by Ferry

– Miyajima O-Torii Gate

– Itsukushima Shrine

– Daisho-in Temple


12. Cat Stationmaster


The Wakayama Electric Railway Kishigawa Line was initially on the verge of bankruptcy but ensued in fame when Tama came. This fluff ball began gaining favors from children, earning the title of the guardian of Kishi Station. Since then, the railway received over a million more visitors between 2005 and 2007!

Tama may have passed on, but Yontama, the 4th Tama continues the legacy. Pop by and if lady luck is on your side, catch the prestigious station master awake, gawking at tourists eager for a selfie.

13. Kuroshio Market


You can’t miss the ‘Tuna Land’ if you’re in Wakayama! Featuring live tuna slicing happening thrice a day, stock up on tips and learn the secrets behind some of the most expensive cuts of tuna. Complete your experience with a visit to Kuroshio Market at the communal hall where you can gather your fresh produce and fire it up at the charcoal grill.

14. Toretore Market


Much like Kuroshio Market, Toretore Market hides a wealth of fresh seafood and top-graded fish. The market also functions as a food court, a convenient eat-out spot to sate the hunger pangs – sashimi, sushi, grilled fish, grilled scallops and more. Local sake and desserts are available as well to complete your meal. We recommend getting your food to go and having it by the seashore.

15. Engetsu Island


Photo credits: Nankai Ferry

Lauded as the ‘Island of the Full Moon’, the majestic rock formation resembles the shape of the moon, a unique product of time and erosion. Travelers en route can lay by the beach and watch the sky transform into a luminescent glow when sunset arrives.

Stay and be rewarded when the golden orb sits delicately inside of the Engetsu Island, blessing travelers with a dreamlike sight.

Wakayama Castle,

Kuroshio Market, &

Todaiji Temple Day

Tour from Osaka

Wakayama Cat Stationmaster,

Kuroshio Market, &

Porto Europa Day Tour

from Osaka




– Koyasan

– Toretore Market

– Engetsu Island

– Cat Stationmaster

– Kuroshio Market

– Rinku Premium Outlet in Osaka Airport


16. Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine

Photo credits: Luca Florio on Flickr

Not just another IG-backdrop to flaunt, the Torii Gates of the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine has a unique cultural significance; a gateway between the physical and spiritual world. Studio Ghibli fans can delight in this Spirited Away backdrop come alive!

17. Kinkaku-ji Temple


The Golden Pavilion is a real-crowd stealer and while many wanderlust places have turned out to be a disappointment in real life, the Kinkaku-ji Temple is a dazzling exception. Framed with golden leaves and a startling clear reflection on the lake, the poster child of Kyoto’s rich heritage certainly lives up to its golden rep.

Other than the Kinkaku-ji Temple, the Sanjusangen-do Temple, Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Heian Jingu Shrine are also some of Kyoto’s most celebrated historic spots for travelers to slip into Japan’s glorious past.

18. Kyoto Imperial Palace


Photo credits: Ray in Manila on Flickr

An exclusive feature on the Kyoto Imperial Palace, explore the charming grounds of an imperial family’s residence (plus a romantic garden right out of a french movie!). Oozing with elegance and an air of prestige, this quaint spot is only accessible to tours or if you’ve made prior bookings. Save yourself from administrative woes when you snag yourself a spot in Kyoto Day Tour from Osaka!

Kyoto Afternoon

Tour from Osaka

Kyoto Temples &

Shrines Day Tour

from Osaka

Kyoto Day

Tour from Osaka




– Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine

– Sanjusangen-do Temple

– Kiyomizu-dera Temple

– Fushimi Inari-taisha

– Kiyomizu-dera

– Kinkaku-ji

– Arashiyama

– Nijo Castle

– Kinkaku-ji Temple

– Kyoto Imperial Palace

– Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

– Heian Jingu Shrine

– Sanjusangen-do Temple

– Kiyomizu-dera Temple