16 Unique Destinations You Need To Visit Based On Your MBTI Profile

16 Unique Destinations You Need To Visit Based On Your MBTI Profile

Home is Where the Next Passport Stamp Is

Travelling today isn’t what it used to be. Instead of tourist attractions, we ditch Lonely Planet guidebooks and hitch a ride to explore the roads less traveled. More than ever, we embrace the notion of living like a local when overseas, opting to stay at a cosy apartment rather than a fancy deluxe suite during our sojourn.

Cities, like people, hold distinct identities and faceted personalities where no two are alike. Find out below where to travel and what experiences to partake in based on your Myers-Briggs personality (take the test here!)

1. ISTJ – Fukuoka, Japan

Fukuoka, Japan

True logicians to the core, the top three buzzwords when it comes to describing ISTJs are practical, patient and responsible. When travelling, ISTJs find respite in keeping to their company or themselves, where it is social norm for locals to understand and respect one’s personal space, and quite a lot of it.

Kurokawa Onsen

As such, a travel destination that ISTJs would never grow tired of is Japan. Not only ideal for its muted ethos, under-the-radar cities like Fukuoka and Kumamoto offer many attractions and activities fit for one or small groups. Be it taking a day tour to temple hop and marvel the religious sites of the city or comforting your soul with an onsen session in a hot spring village, it’s safe to say Japan’s home away from home for ISTJs.

2. ENFP – Boracay, Philippines

Ariel's Point

For ENFPs, life’s a party and everyone’s invited. With a natural zest towards life, ENFPs are always on the lookout for novel adventures and vices, and often get stimulation from activities where lots of people are involved. It can be argued that ENFPs are the quintessential global citizens, but no place is better like Boracay, Philippines.

Spider House, Boracay

Boracay’s Spider House offers the best views of the sunset on the island. Source.

A paradise for the free-spirited, activities like Ariel’s Point cliff diving and parasailing are starters for thrill-seekers to check two things off their bucket list. All while basking in the pristine beaches and soaking up the glistening views this island has to offer. Your island escape is made better when you realise that clubs are in session, even in the middle of the day. In between club raves, sober up with the long list of street food and restaurants available every turn you make.

3. INTJ – Singapore

Singapore Skyline

Unless you’re in the INTJ cookie jar, INTJs often get a bad rep for being too stoic or rigid. Somewhat ironic, INTJs do embrace spontaneity, but only after they’ve sussed out everything they need to know about a place. That’s why for INTJs often require free time to roam a new destination as they strive to understand the city they’re in every second they get.

Joo Chiat, Singapore

Singapore’s cosy size makes exploring a much easier task for INTJs, and the colourful racial fabric that makes up the population promises lots of interesting insights. With cultural sites and museums clustered in the same area, INTJs can quickly come to understand Singapore’s unique ethos even if they’re on foot. Chances are, even after conquering tourist attractions like the River Safari and Gardens By The Bay, they’ll still have ample time to sit by a cafe and slowly watch the world go by.

4. ENFJ – Melbourne, Australia

For ENFJs, human interaction is oxygen. Melbourne as such, is directly attuned with ENFJ’s outgoing personality. Where small talks with baristas and friendly banter with locals are the norm, everyone’s a friend in MEL.

Melbourne’s best known for their laidback spirit, and this is truly translated through its people. Locals are always out for a good conversation, and a simple ‘how’re you doing’ often sparks unexpected conversations. Its city centre is filled with iconic landmarks like the Flinders Street Railway Station and artsy Hosier Lane – all with fascinating history if you ask around. But along the suburbs you’ll find a string of cafes and local businesses that echo the warmth this city has.

5. ENTP – Tokyo, Japan

For some, sweet dreams are made of a house by the pastures overlooking mountains, sipping tea by the veranda as the day goes by. Tell that to any ENTP and they’ll tell you how much a nightmare routine and mundanity is. Energised by the environment they are in, ENTP’s quick thinking means the city has to be fast-paced enough to match his speed. Luckily, Tokyo, Japan’s just a flight away.

Meiji-Jinggu Shrine

Once a temple exclusive to Japanese royals, Meiji-Jinggu shrine is now one of the most popular spots for couples to get married. Source.

At first glance, Tokyo’s hustle may seem like a frenzied mess. But truth is, the city runs on efficiency unparalleled by any other countries. Take, for instance the controlled chaos that is the Shibuya crossing after dark. Or colourful aesthetics of Harajuku – where people donning cosplay costumes stand next to a couple in traditional Yukatas. The city never sleeps, with a trove of places to eat and things like the Robot Restaurant to do even when the clock strikes midnight.

6. INTP – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Did you know Sir Issac Newton and Einstein were both INTPs?

Calm on the outside but a magnificent mess on the inside, INTPs are thinkers above anything else. With something constantly brewing in their head, balance in the form of peace and quiet are what INTPs seek when travelling.

For unadulterated solitude, Kaohsiung is the perfect getaway INTPs need. While crowds flock to Taipei craving its street food and night markets, Kaohsiung offers the same without the crowd and with so much more opportunities for reflection. Apart from cultural sites that are undeniably Taiwan, Kaohsiung even is home to a rooftop amusement park and the world’s largest public glass installation. Prepare to have all of your senses tantalised!

7. ISFJ – Hue and Hoi An, Vietnam

Hue & Hoi An

With a penchant for history and culture, ISFJs believes in harmony, peace and structure. In Vietnam, get in touch with the locals as you witness how daily life is for people on the other side of the world. Fishermen casting nets from their bowl boats just as the sun rises; slurping the best bowl of pho you had somewhere along the roadside on a stool and makeshift table.

Vietnam Helicopter

One of the twin-engine helicopters used in the war.

For a more potent dose of history and heritage, take a DMZ day tour as you trace the steps to battle sites during the World War; or visit the cultural sites such as the Imperial Palace and ancient ruins – you’ll be surprised by how much the east had influenced the architecture in Vietnam.

8. ESFP – Macau

Macau Fireworks

Some say Macau’s the lovechild of Las Vegas and Venice, and it’s not hard to see why. With round-the-clock entertainment and Venetian-inspired aesthetics, if there’s one word that can describe Macau – it’s fun. Similar to ESFPs, they relish in having a good time and find planning and pre-travel research an absolute bore.

The Venetian

In Macau, there’s something to do everywhere – land, sea or air. On ground, casinos and Vegas-style shows are enough to make the trip memorable. But for the daredevils, Macau only happened if you viewed the city’s skyline from the iconic tower, followed by bungy jumping off it. But for the fainthearted, having a dashing man serenade you while rowing the gondola sounds like a good deal too.

9. ISTP – Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara, Nepal

Though introverted, ISTPs’ a wild child at heart. An experiencer through and through, ISTPs live for adventures that are verging on the deviant. In Pokhara, Nepal, nature takes precedence. Skyscrapers in business districts back at home may be impressive, that no man-made structure can beat mother nature’s own works of art.


For seasoned adventurers, extreme sports like paragliding and water-rafting may have lost its appeal, but how does parahawking -feeding a hawk midair while you’re thousands of feet above ground- sound? When you’re done, put your tastebuds on an adventure of its own sampling an array of Nepali cuisines. (Warning: most of them are SPICY)

10. ENTJ – Mauritius


ENTJ’s are natural go-getters, and just like Adidas, impossible is nothing. However, when it’s time to jet away for a holiday, ENTJs are often stuck in a conundrum – wanting to have their adrenaline pumped and casually lounging in a luxurious villa overlooking clear blue waters, all at the same time. The island life with an edge does exist and it’s called Mauritius.

Mauritius Subscooter

Essentially a giant beach untouched by modernisation, Mauritius demands to be experienced through its host of activities. Water-based activities include snorkelling with dolphins to diving deeper in your personal subscooter as you imagine how life must be like through Ariel’s eyes. As for the air-borne, simply fly above and take a plunge in an exhilarating round of skydiving.

11. INFP – Hong Kong

Hong Kong Night Markets

Hong Kong is best known for Disneyland, short queues at BAKE and Dim Sum – that’s also where you’ll never spot an INFP. For INFPs, travelling is not about where to go, but sussing out novel experiences crowds are too obsessed with fads to notice – Hong Kong’s quiet but burgeoning art scene is sure to excite.

Picture of Hong Kong sidewalk by kirstylarmour

While you patiently wait for the much talked about M+ Museum to be completed in 2019, places like PMQ and Broadway Cinematheque will revitalise the inner hippy in you – with loads of indie films, literature and trinkets up for grabs. But before hopping off, a great place to start is the Soho Gallery Walk, a tour to give you all the information you need to grasp where Hong Kong’s art scene is going.

12. ESTP – Bali, Indonesia


Daring, bold and spontaneous. Out of all the personalities, ESTPs are the most likely to live by the YOLO mantra. Being adventure seekers, the outdoor-sy nature of Bali will appeal to every ESTP. Sun, sand and beaches aside, man-made attractions like the Waterbom water park and jungle safari – that puts YOU in a cage instead of the wildlife – is bound to keep your heart racing.

Ombak Sunset

And when novelty starts to wear out, simply island hop to Lombok for the next course of adventure.

13. ISFP – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sunset in Cambodia

Messy feeds are probably the last thing that’s associated with ISFPs, and their aesthetically driven nature will find resolution in Siem Reap. From its cultural attractions to the local’s way of life, the bucolic charm of Cambodia is unapologetically unpretentious, which is exceptionally attuned with ISFP’s affection for authenticity.

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Before dawn, hop on a bike and journey to Angkor Wat to catch sunrise, before trading your two-wheeler for elephant pants as you join a family in the countryside for a day to experience life through their lenses.

14. ESFJ – Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Roundabout

With an infectious personality and outgoing nature, no party is complete without ESFJs. A walking ball of energy, Bangkok’s ever-happening scene is more than enough to satisfy conquest to have a great time. After all, it is the land of smiles.

Ayutthaya Temples

A trip to Bangkok doesn’t count unless you sampled all the street food and gave your hand at bargaining for a good deal, but there’s so much more to just shopping and eating. Before nightfall, explore the majestic temples and cultural theme parks -an alternative way to learn about Thailand’s colourful heritage- and be whisked away into the fabulous world of Bangkok’s night scene – disco, cabarets and all.

15. INFJ – Lucknow, India

Lucknow, India

Accounting for less than 1.5% of the general population, INFJs are as rare as they come. INFJs don’t travel, they go on journeys. Unsurprisingly, fast-paced cities filled with concrete jungles don’t sit well with INFJs, but brimming with humanity and emotions is Lucknow, India.

It could be the messy traffic or bustling marketplace, there’s an unmistakable sense of festivity that is celebratory and affectionate in Lucknow. While you view in awe the stunning architecture that’s set to redefine your preconceived notions of India, don’t forget to zoom out and peruse the streets and marketplace. It is in these little nooks and crannies you’ll experience true hospitality and top notch food that’ll have your tastebuds exploding with joy with every bite.

16. ESTJ – Seoul, Korea

Seoul, South Korea

In the land of Kimchi and K-dramas, tradition meets modernity. For ESTJs, the dynamic, fast-paced lifestyle of seoul fits them like a glove. In districts like Garosu-gil, streets are mostly taken up by cafes and beauty retailers, offering anyone who goes there a taste of Korea’s rapid modernisation.

On the other side, grand palaces and street food that is undeniably Korean. Take the Gyeongbokgung Palace for instance. Not only do you get to enter palace walls that was once only permitted to royals, you’ll get to don traditional hanboks and get that much closer to live life as a true blue Korean from back in the days. Places of culture aside, street food lanes along Myeongdong is where you shall be blessed with the abundance of Korean street food. Grilled seafood, fried pancake and steamed bugs, check, check and check if you dare.

The World Awaits!

Life’s too short to be living vicariously through the lens of a travel Instagram profile, and the world’s your oyster. Whether or not the city you land in jives to your values and personality, every experience you encounter will teach you something about yourself, or on the grander scale of things, life.

So what’s the hold up? The world awaits. Download the Tripsle app on your Apple or Android to get started today. With instant confirmation, spontaneous travel will never be the same again.