14 Excellent Taiwan 7-Eleven Goodies You Won’t Regret Trying

Things to buy from 7-Eleven Taiwan

7-Eleven Taiwan

Source: 7-Eleven Taiwan Website

Apart from the usual convenience store goods, Taiwan’s 7-Eleven is a mini food market on it’s own! Nicknamed the “7-Eleven Food Heaven”, there’s just so much to chow on! You won’t have to worry even if you’re starving at 3am in the morning as you’re bound to find a 7-Eleven near you to curb your hunger.With so much to choose from, here are our top 12 picks that you can’t miss on while visiting the convenience store in Taiwan.

P.S: Most of the 7-Elevens around Taiwan has City Cafe sections and dining areas where you can sit down and enjoy your snacks so grab your favourites from this list and be prepared for a feast!

1. Tea Eggs

7-Eleven Taiwan Tea Eggs

A classic Chinese snack that you should not miss out on while in Taiwan, these Tea Eggs can only be found in convenience stores in Taiwan! Even before you see them, you can smell the savoury salty scent flooding the store. These hard-boiled eggs are simmered in an aromatic tea broth that give it a flavour like no other.

Price: NT$10 (USD0.03)

2. Mini Oden Hot Pot

7-Eleven Mini Oden Hot Pot Taiwan

Commonly found next to the big boiling pot of tea eggs, most 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan also carry a range of Mini Oden Hot Pot items! Customise your own mini bowl with a variety of options from fish cakes, corn, stewed tofu, squid balls and even an array of instant noodles!

7-Eleven Mini Oden Hot Pot Taiwan

Source: dracdemon on Instagram

If you like it spicy, pick from the spiced soup pot and satisfy your street snack cravings all at one store.

Price: Prices start at NT$10 per stick/item

3. Ice-cream

Bubble Tea Pineapple Tart Ice Cream 7-Eleven Taiwan

Source: sophieemomo on Instagram

One of the two things that people recommend you have while in Taiwan would be their Pineapple Tarts and their Milk Tea with Bubble Pearls. It is no wonder these classic treat has been transformed into a form of everyone’s favourite desserts – Ice-cream!

Pineapple Tart Ice Cream 7-Eleven Taiwan

Source: sophieemomo on Instagram

Take a bite out of the Pineapple Tart waffle Ice-Cream with a vanilla ice-cream filling and pineapple tart wedged between the ice-cream and waffle.

Milk Tea Ice Cream 7-Eleven Taiwan

Source: sophieemomo on Instagram

The Milk Tea Waffle Ice-Cream is almost similar, but with a milk tea based ice-cream flavour and generous chunks of mochi that resemble the same taste and chewiness that you’ll get from a tapioca pearl!

Ninao Gelato 7-Eleven Taiwan

Source: fattypie_eating

And if you haven’t heard, you can even get gelato from one of Tainan’s hottest gelato parlour – Ninao! Try out their most popular flavours Caramel Egg Pudding and Honey Milk Tea that come in a set.

 4. Bentos

Bento Taiwan 7-Eleven

If you haven’t already heard, Lu Rou Fan (滷肉饭) is a huge thing in Taiwan! The braised pork rice cooked in an aromatic combination of spices commonly served with eggs and salted vegetables is a Taiwanese staple for both locals and tourists. Thus it is no surprise that you can find a bento version of it in 7-Eleven. Apart from that, the convenience store chain also carries a wide range of bentos from Asian, Western and even Japanese cuisines. Most of their Chinese bentos even come complete with side dishes such as cabbage, shredded radish and even salted vegetables. Go crazy with the options from Ramen to Cheese Baked Rice and even Spaghetti Bolognese!

Special Noodle Bento Taiwan 7-Eleven

Source: chenchen_liao on Instagram

Occasionally, they even have collaborations with restaurants such as the recent one with Japanese Restaurant, ITTO (日本麵屋一燈) which sees a Chicken Cold Noodle bento with a pepper and sesame dipping sauce along with a Japanese style Honey chicken with fried rice set.

Price: Ranging from NT$40 to NT$100

5. Bubble Tea & Coffee @ City Cafe

City Cafe Bubble Tea Taiwan 7-Eleven

When walking around the streets in Taiwan, it is common to find locals sipping on cups of Bubble Tea. Thus it is no surprise to find a barista ready to make you a good cup of the sweet milk tea with chewy tapioca balls. Apart from the essential cup of bubble tea, you can even order specialty coffee drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos and even have them iced!

6. Unique Taiwanese Flavoured Instant Noodles

Taiwanese Flavoured Instant Noodles 7-Eleven Taiwan

When you think of instant noodles, the standard flavours such as Tom Yum, Seafood and Chicken will tend to be the first few you think of. However, in Taiwan – the array of flavours available at 7 Eleven will be sure to wow you.

Abandon your usual flavours and replace them with unique offerings of traditional Taiwanese options such as Sesame Oil Chicken and Chicken Soaked in High-Grade Shaoxing Wine! One other interesting flavour to pick off the shelf would be the Taiwanese Beef Noodles with real beef chunks! Almost an complete meal with the beef, it is accompanied with pickled vegetables – definitely the perfect choice for a midnight snack especially after a night out drinking.

7. Pineapple Bitter Gourd Chicken Soup

Pineapple Bitter Gourd Chicken Soup Taiwan 7-Eleven

Source: parkerro.tw

Nope, you did not read wrongly! The Pineapple Bitter Gourd Chicken Soup is a taiwanese twist on the classic Bitter Gourd Chicken soup. Perfect for it’s cooling effect on the body, this soup is a popular summertime dish!

Pineapple Bitter Gourd Chicken Soup Taiwan 7-Eleven

Source: parkerro.tw

The great use of pineapple in this chicken soup helps to compliment the bitter tinge from the bitter gourd, giving it a sweet and tangy light taste. It comes with chunks of bitter gourd, pineapples and chicken!

Price: NT$49

8. Steamed Sweet Potatoes

Steamed Sweet Potatoes 7-Eleven Taiwan

A Taiwan 7-Eleven specialty, pick up a some roasted sweet potatoes that are a perfect midday snack while exploring the city. Plus, they’re perfect for your long road trips out of Taipei or even while travelling across cities!

Price: NT$25 to NT$50/based on weight

9. Rice Balls

Curry Rice Ball 7-Eleven Taiwan

Source: jyun791004 on Instagram

Curry Rice Ball complete with a chicken fillet wrapped in an egg? I’ll take one please! If you’re not a heavy eater, this rice ball is perfect for you. To heat it up, microwave it for 3 minutes and you get a wet gooey egg texture that goes well with the fried chicken cutlet and curry rice around surrounding it.

Rice Ball with Braised Egg 7-Eleven Tripsle

Source: karrbooo on Instagram

One other specialty rice ball would be their Rice Ball featuring a Braised Egg in the middle. Surrounded by a mix of seasoned rice, the egg yolk has a soft flowy texture just like the eggs you find served with Japanese ramen!

Price: NT$36 for Curry Rice Ball, NT$35 for Braised Egg Rice Ball

10. Taiwanese Milk Tea & Coffee

Tea Time Milk Tea 7-Eleven Taiwan

Source: jalaeat on Instagram

Forget about your Chun Cui He milk tea cause there’s a new player in town! Tea Time’s different flavoured latte based drinks in a carton features three different flavours – regular milk tea, milk green tea and even coffee with milk for the caffeine lovers (NT$35)! These are the hottest drink in Taiwan and you can see someone sipping on it at every corner and bend so don’t miss out on this yummy drink.

Price: NT$35

11. Unique Flavoured Milk

Taiwan 7-Eleven Unique Milk Flavours

Source: felicia_1002 on Instagram

One will be able to find a flavour that suits your taste buds with the wide range of options available on the fridge shelves! Some unique flavours include Apple, Watermelon and even a Taiwanese version of the popular Korean Banana milk.

Unique Milk Flavours 7-Eleven Taiwan

Source: wanyinngiu on Instagram and nnani_ny on Instagram

One flavour that you can’t leave Taiwan without trying would be the Papaya milk that everyone raves about!

Price: NT$35

12. Unique Potato Chip Flavours

Coco Curry Potato Chips Taiwan 7-Eleven

Source: love_80613 on Instagram

Potato chips are a great snack and what’s better is the unique offerings that 7-Eleven carries in Taiwan! Plus, they make great souvenirs for your friends back home. If you love the curry rice from the restaurant CoCo Ichibanya, try the Lays x Coco curry flavoured chips for NT$49!

Sea Salt Flavoured Charcoal Chips

Source: fattypie_eating on Instagram

One other unique offering would be their Sea Salt flavoured charcoal chips from Mister Potato for NT$75!

Sweet Potato Chips Taiwan 7-Eleven

Source: hungryin711 on Instagram (hungryintaipei.com)

Or even some Sweet Potato Chips from a local brand that has been producing these chips for over 40 years!

13. Traditional Taiwanese Snacks

Traditional Taiwanese Snacks 7-Eleven Taiwan

7-Eleven also has a wide range of snacks including Taiwanese favourites such as the Wang Wang biscuit – a salty sweet rice cracker, and Shrimp Strips that are a perfect snack with beer!

Hawthorn Candy Taiwanese Traditional Snacks 7-Eleven Taiwan

Don’t miss out on the Hawthorn candy, made from the Chinese Hawthorn fruit! These Chinese candies are great for digestion so have a few after your meal!

14. Unique Pudding Desserts

Unique Taiwanese Pudding Desserts 7-Eleven Taiwan

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, try for yourself a Taiwanese favourite of pudding! The Tong Yi Caramel Egg Pudding is one of the essential desserts that Taiwanese love. Or if you want to try a more unique flavour, go for their Zhong Hua tofu pudding of a peanut flavour for a sweet nutty treat.

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