11 Reasons Why A Trip To Gold Coast, Australia Is What You Need To Feel Young Again

11 Reasons Why A Trip To Gold Coast, Australia Is What You Need To Feel Young Again

The ultimate list of Gold Coast attractions that bring out the #YOLO in you

The city of Gold Coast is home to glistening beaches, wildlife, the great outdoors, fresh seafood, nightclubs and adrenaline-pumping activities.

For those of us lucky enough to have been here on a family holiday to hug a Koala or visit childhood superheroes at the theme parks, it’s time to relive those memories. For those of us who haven’t gotten the chance to visit this beautiful sunshine state, this is definitely one for the bucket list.

What’s life if it isn’t filled with adventure? Remember those young days when you felt like you could do anything and everything – jumping off a plane seemed fun, riding crazy waves or being impromptu was our mantra. Read on for the ultimate list to live like a child again!

Read on to find out how to take a walk on the wild side in Gold Coast, Australia

Your Gold Coast Adventure Essential – iVenture cards

Get more bang for your buck with the iVenture card! Not only will you gain free entry to 7 attractions (you get to choose from a pool of 34), this also saves you the hassle of purchasing individual entry tickets for each attraction!  With so many activities to try out, this is definitely a Gold Coast essential – simply flash this card at the attractions and you’re good to go!

We have indicated the attractions available on the iVenture card with a below for easy reference!

  1. Skydiving

  2. Jet Boating

  3. Movie World

  4. Parasailing

  5. Story Bridge Adventure Climb

  6. Canyon Flyer Zipline

  7. Hot Air Balloon

  8. Dreamworld

  9. Treetop Challenge

  10. Australia Zoo

  11. Surfing

Tripsle me the Gold Coast iVenture Card

1. Jump from 15,000ft high with Skydive Brisbane

A short one hour drive from Gold Coast, Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. Skydiving as we all know, is a top player on everyone’s bucket list and here’s why it tops our list.

Push your personal boundaries with a tandem jump at Skydive Brisbane. Tandem jumps are perfect for first timers as you are connected to an instructor through your harness. Here’s how our jump went.

Before the jump

Upon confirmation of attendance for the jump and the usual paperwork, a safety video was played and we got to meet our jump instructors (also known as our lifelines) this trip. We got all strapped up and were ready to go!

Tripsle Tip: For outfits, we recommend wearing something comfortable and stretchy as you will be expected to be a “banana” (your body will be curved in a U-shape during your free fall). Skydive Brisbane provides track pants and sweaters for you to borrow if you didn’t come prepared.

Also, we would like to recommend having a little bit of food before your jump. You definitely won’t want to  get hungry halfway through the wait or feel too queasy from a huge meal as your adrenaline kicks in.

The plane rides takes about 15 minutes, so all you have to do is sit back and relax, take in the beautiful view of the beaches, have a great chat with your instructor and prepare for the greatest jump in your life!

P.S. The chat will definitely help to reduce any overwhelming nerves you might have.

The million dollar moment- the jump!

You know it’s your turn to jump when your instructor places the safety goggles on for you. Before you know it, you’ll be sliding towards the door and off you go! Unlike what you might think, there’s no huge dropping feeling as you take your jump. Instead, you will be swept away by the wind and pressure and turn 365-degrees before facing the ground – free-falling is an awesome feeling!

After five seconds, your instructor will prompt you by tapping on your shoulder, indicating that you can now freely open your arms. Here’s where the fun gets even better, and yes – this is the “banana” stage! Smile for the camera and enjoy the fall for there is legitimately no happier moment other than this. Fly, baby, fly!

Once you have descended to the height of approximately 1000ft, your instructor will open the parachute. If you’re lucky, you might get the chance to control it! We ensure this is definitely a fun experience.  Just like driving a car, you can now swerve yourself around the skies and pretend to be Tony Stark, how cool is that?

After five to seven minutes of floating in the air, it’s time for landing. The landing process is extremely easy and smooth. Simply lift your legs up to form a right angle while your instructor does all the work, gently gliding and placing you down on the ground.

After the jump

Proceed on to have your post-jump interview, give your instructor a hug – yes, you’ve made it, and you’re done with an experience you will remember for life!

#Tripsle Fun Fact: The skydive instructors take on an average of 8 to 10 jumps daily, with some doing this for over 50 years! You can definitely trust the professionalism they have for they are master of the skies.

Simply book the activity on Tripsle – we strongly recommend choosing the handicam video and photo package as this is one experience you will never want to forget! Do take note that you will have to pay an extra AUD35 at the center for the Australian Parachute Federation levy fee.

Heart racing levels: 11/10

Address: 39 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe QLD 4020, Australia

Opening Hours: Daily 7am – 9pm

I want to skydive in Brisbane!

2. Enjoy a thrilling ride on a jet boat

If you love both water and speed, you have to try out this activity at Paradise Jet Boating.

Jet boating is definitely a  family-friendly activity, suited to all age groups. On our ride, there was a child as young as 2 years old, and a grandpa at the age of 76! Each jet boat sits up to 30 people (five rows of six). Just be sure to grab onto the handles provided and enjoy the ride!

You’ll be constantly entertained on this 55-minute high-speed ride!  Combining numerous spins and tricks a captivating view of the Sovereign Island and their mansions as well as a whole lot of splashing, if you’re lucky, you might be able to spot some dolphins and even a couple of wallabies too!

Tripsle Tip: To prevent yourself from getting too wet on this ride, be sure to avoid the outer seats! However, do note that water does collect at the bottom of the boat so we recommend wearing slippers if you do not want your footwear to be soaked. To play safe, wear dark coloured clothing as well.

Available on both the iVenture Card and on Tripsle, booking this activity doesn’t get easier than this!

Heart racing levels: 8/10

Address: Mariners Cove Marina, shop 7b/60 Seaworld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia

Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 4pm

Let’s go jet boarding in Gold Coast!

3. Be a superhero or villain for one day at Movie World

Any fans of popular culture would be familiar with the DC Comics movie franchise – from titles like Batman to Superman and even Wonder Woman, you can fulfill your superhero (or villain) dream at the Warner Bros Movie World. A key attraction in Gold Coast, you cannot miss this out!

Throughout the day, you will find the movie characters roaming the park. To ensure that you do not miss any of them out, do grab the park’s map at the entrance. Check out their entertainment schedule as the show times and appearances change according to seasons.

Most, if not all appearances happen on the park’s Main Street, so do head over there for more photo opportunities!

We all know how going on rides can drain your energy and leave your stomachs growling for food. With plenty of food and beverage stores, refuel with a hot dog or some Mexican tacos before heading off to your next ride.

With all sorts of interesting DC-themed rides with familiar characters, you will surely find one which suits your liking. Ranging from highly thrilling rides to entertaining and child-friendly ones, take your pick but do note that the average waiting time is an hour!

Best Movie World rides

A ride that you have to take is the DC Rivals Hypercoaster. Opened last September, this ride has a crazy 89 degree drop (and from the Joker’s head no less)! It is known to be the longest, fastest and tallest ride in the Southern Hemisphere and it even comes with a twist – you can choose to take it backwards for an extra pump of thrill!

The Hypercoaster is definitely not for the faint hearted, but once you’ve accomplished it, boy does the adrenaline get addictive!

Other high adrenaline, thrilling, must-try rides include Superman Escape, Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster, and Arkham Asylum.

For a little childhood reminiscing, the park also has a section dedicated just for children and their favourite shows. Enter the world of Looney Tunes where your beloved characters like the Roadrunner, Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig lives.

Other Movie World attractions

The night parade is where the DC World comes alive. While we were there, Movie World had a special theme for the month – Villains vs Superheroes! Grab a good spot before the parade starts as you definitely do not want to miss these popular characters coming down the streets in their floats!

Tripsle Tip: Arrive at Main Street at least 20 minutes before the show starts. We suggest standing in front of Ben and Jerry’s store for the best view.

Remember to check out the park’s brochure for daily shows. If you’re lucky you might be able to see Batman and the Joker battle in front of you!

With plenty of things to do, see and eat, Movie World does not let you down. Don’t forget to purchase your favourite superhero and villain memorabilia as well!

Tripsle Tip: Do make sure to visit Movie World’s homepage online before you head there to check for rides which are closed.The park schedules maintenance for their rides regularly, and these maintenance periods can last up to 2 months.

Pre-purchase your tickets via Tripsle and remember to print your tickets out to avoid the long queues at the counter. This is especially helpful as the counters can get busy during the Winter holidays.

Heart racing levels: 6/10 – 10/10 (shoutout to the Hypercoaster!)

Address: Pacific Mwy, Oxenford QLD 4210, Australia

Opening Hours: Daily 9.30pm – 5pm (closing hours might differ if there are special night parades)

Tripsle me to Movie World!

4. Glide across the skies on a Parasail 

The best introduction to adrenaline sports would have to be parasailing. Try this activity out at Gold Coast Watersports, it’s the perfect mix between recreational and adventure.

Before the sail

Sit on a special parasailing boat out to Broadwater, where the deckhands will begin to prepare the parasail for the participants. The boat fits up to 5 pairs of participants and each trip out the waters will take up to 1 hour.

When your turn approaches, the deckhands will strap you to the harness and connect you to the parachute. The parasailing boat speeds up and you will find yourself gliding effortlessly through the air!

Even though you are able to go on a solo parasail, we recommend going in pairs (the heavier one sits on the right!) as this experience is definitely one you’d want to share. Make the most out of the eight minutes of flight and take in the majestic views. From the skyline of Surfers Paradise to the mountains of Gold Coast, don’t forget to look down into the emerald green waters as you might even spot some wildlife in their natural habitat.

After the sail

At the end of the activity, head on back to the counter to purchase your pictures at AUD 40 – you get a 20-second video and 40 pictures in a thumb drive!

P.S. You are even allowed to bring your phones up, at your own risk of course. We’d recommend putting it in a pouch/ lanyard and strapping it to your body!

You can choose to pre-book this activity on Tripsle, or use your iVenture card for access! However, when using the iVenture card, do note that there is an additional AUD 30 activity fees per person, to be paid on the day itself.

Tripsle Tip: For this activity by Gold Coast Watersports, you need not worry about getting wet as you will depart and land on the parasailing boat itself. We saw people dressed in jeans (and even a dress!), so there is no excuses for you not to participate now!

Heart racing levels: 6/10

Address: Seaworld Resort, Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, QLD 4217

Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 5pm (Sept to Apr), 10am – 4pm (May – Aug)

I wanna soar while parasailing in Gold Coast!

5. Zipline through the forest like Tarzan

Australia is well known for its lush forests and great conservation of nature. To experience a true blue Aussie adventure, you have to try out the Canyon Flyer Guided Zipline.

Attached to a rope and gliding from one point to another – this zipline in Gold Coast offers a slightly different experience. With seven zip lines, the entire tour takes up to three hours to complete.

Each tour takes up to a maximum of 13 participants, with two professional instructors attached to the group throughout the entire process. This ensures that you get the personalized attention that you need!

It is now time to face your fear of heights as the zip lines go up to 60 metres high and you get to zip down at speeds of up to  70 km per hour. Enjoy the beautiful views of Cedar Creek Gorge and Tamborine Mountain as you zip across the skies.

For the last four zip lines, instructors will challenge you to perform stunts while going through them. You can choose to turn upside down, spin, or leave it up to the instructors! Start by facing the instructor and he or she will let go of the string anytime they want, sending you flying across the canyon. This level of suspense can be quite nerve-wrecking indeed!

Book your tickets through Tripsle for a fuss-free experience! Simply show your mobile voucher and your instructors will confirm your attendance for your slot.

Heart racing levels: 7/10

Address: Corner Cedar Creek Falls Road, Tamborine Mountain, QLD 4272

Opening Hours: 2 sessions daily, 10am and 1pm

Feel that adrenaline flying across the zipline!

6. Take 1,138 steps up Brisbane’s most iconic structure

If you’re not a fan of motion and all of the above mentioned activities are just too fast and furious  for you, here’s one that might pique your interest. The Story Bridge Adventure Climb is one of the most popular activities in Brisbane.

Built in 1940, the Story Bridge is the longest cantilever bridge in Australia, connecting Fortitude Valley to Kangaroo Point and stands at 74-metres tall. Bridge climbing is not uncommon – two other famous climbs would be up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and New Zealand’s Auckland Bridge.

Before the climb

It is always important to listen to safety instructions. For this activity, there is a breathalyzer test. Please, sober people on the bridge only!

You will be required to change into their special jumpsuits and leave all your belongings in the lockers provided. You are not allowed to bring anything (even watches!) up the bridge. The staff will provide an attachment for your glasses to your jumpsuit.

The entire process takes about 2.5 hours, and you will be connected to the bridge with your rope  at all times. Safely secured to the bridge, you don’t have to worry about falling off!

With a humorous and knowledgeable guide, find out more about Brisbane as you walk past historic and classic buildings around bridge.

There will be two photo spots along the way and  you can purchase these photos at the counter for AUD 16 after your climb.

Tripsle Tip: When given a choice of climb, we recommend choosing the Twilight Climb. Get to experience the beautiful sunset before your eyes, and watch the city come alive with its bright lights. The weather is perfect as well – enjoy the cool evening breeze with the sun’s warm rays. There is really no better way to enjoy this fine capital city of Queensland!

Again, mobile vouchers are accepted here! Enjoy this convenience when you book the activity on Tripsle.

Heart racing levels: 2/10 – 10/10 (for those who are afraid of heights!)

Address: 170 Main St, Kangaroo Point QLD 4169

Opening Hours: Hours vary daily, do check their website for upcoming climb times

Enjoy the view at the Story Bridge Adventure Climb!

7. Feel lighter than air in a hot air balloon

Been seeing all these magnificent images of hot air balloons taking flight on Instagram? Even though Turkey might be the most popular location in the world for hot air ballooning, you need not travel so far to experience the same unique activity!

You too can check off your bucket list and feel like you’re at the top of the world with Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast.

They say the early bird catches the worm and in order to catch the sunrise, be prepared to wake up in the wee hours of the morning. Our pickup came at insert time and we had to wait 1.5 hours before takeoff to ensure that the wind and weather conditions were optimal. Do note that waiting time varies as they also have to find an appropriate spot to take flight.

If you’ve always felt that 20 people in a hot air balloon seems unrealistic (how can a giant balloon be so strong?!), you’re wrong! The balloon is extremely huge, standing at 15 storeys high. The basket is also very safe and comfortable – it has a padded bottom!

We only managed to get on the hot air balloon past 6am and lucky for us the sun had not completely risen yet. At a height of 1500 to 2000ft above ground, you’ll get to enjoy a complete panoramic view of the horizon.

The hot air balloon flight

Just like in the Pixar animation, Up, there’s just something about being in the air and watching the world go by. You find yourself reflecting about life, on how you should make everyday count. Words can’t describe the awe-inspiring view and experience, you have to see it for yourself!

Landing is extremely smooth as well, simply go into a squat position and hold onto the ropes in front of you. Help to pack up the balloon after your flight and play a game while you’re at it!

Now all you have left is a whole lot of pictures and videos to look back on, and an experience of a lifetime. Time for you to make your social media followers jealous!

Book this activity on Tripsle to enjoy free hotel transfer services! The merchant will contact you after your order has been confirmed, giving you your pick-up time.

Tripsle Tip: You can choose between a 30-minute or 60-minute flight. We recommend choosing the appropriate packages accordingly your itinerary for the day. Take note that more often than not, flight times usually last longer as weather conditions might make it difficult for the balloon to land. In our case, we ended up being in the air for 2 hours, and landed on a construction site! Now, that is the true epitome of carpe diem and what youth really represents.

Heart racing levels: 5/10

Address: Pick up at your hotel available

Opening hours: Pick up timing is between 3am – 4am

View Australia from above aboard the hot air balloon!

8. Live your childhood fantasies at Dreamworld

As one of the main highlights in Queensland, Dreamworld prides itself as the biggest theme park in Gold Coast. A combination of rides and a zoo, this all inclusive park has to be on your itinerary!

Source: @rachyyyness

Dreamworld has different themed areas which appeals to all members of the family. The highlight of the child-friendly section features characters and rides from Nickelodeon Central (think Madagascar and Shrek). You’ve definitely watched these growing up, or if you’re a parent you might have even watched it multiple times because of your kids.

Dreamworld rides

For a greater thrill factor, head on to Rocky Hollow or Dreamworld Corroboree for some legendary fun. Rides that are bound to get your heart pumping are known as the Big 9 Thrill rides and our top pick is the Giant Drop, it stands at 119 metres and can go up to 135 km per hour! For more thrill, make sure to check out the Tower of Terror as well.

Source: @originalmarianne

Apart from the rides, you definitely should not miss their Tiger Island. An interactive tiger exhibit, park-goers can book a slot to experience feeding a tiger. Dreamworld is the only location in Queensland where you can do this! Alternatively, you can also get up close and personal with these animals during the park’s daily tiger presentations.

Before you head back for the day, make sure to stop by Australia’s first certified LEGO store to grab some lego pieces home!

#Tripsle Fun Fact: Did you know that Dreamworld is the most popular Queensland activity on Tripsle? Join thousands of others before you and spend an awesome day at Dreamworld, just don’t forget to print out your tickets!

Heart racing levels: 7/10

Address: Dreamworld Parkway, Upper Coomera, Queensland, Australia

Opening Hours: Daily 10am – 5pm

Tripsle me a day of fun at Dreamworld!

9. Relive outdoor camp memories at the treetop challenge

I’m sure all of us have gone through an outdoor adventure camp of sort during school life.  Who can forget the infamous treetop challenges!

The Thunderbird Park Tree Top Challenge is bound to take you back in time! With a series of courses across three different levels – easy, intermediate and extreme, you can take your time to try out these courses and gauge how far you want to go according to your own fitness levels.

It typically takes an average of three to four hours to complete all levels, however you can take as long as you like (till the park closes!).

We ensure you that treetop challenges are family-friendly activities. In fact, during our time there, we saw plenty of locals bringing their young children for a day out at the park.

The best obstacle course hands down is the flying fox. Remember those days when you were young kids waiting anxiously in line for your turn? Now you can get to relieve these memories in the lush forests of the Tamborine Mountain.

#Tripsle Fun Fact: You can complete both the TreeTop Challenge and zip lining activities in the same day as they are both in the same park, handled by the same company!

As always, Tripsle’s mobile vouchers are accepted for this activity. Save all of your vouchers offline and use them whenever you need!

Heart racing levels: 5/10

Address: Corner Cedar Creek Falls Road, Tamborine Mountain, QLD 4272

Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm (Mon – Fri), 8.30am – 5pm (Sat & Sun)

Embark on an adventure at TreeTop Challenge!

10. Visit Steve Irwin’s legacy at the Australia Zoo

Who can forget watching Crocodile hunter on television! If the name Steve Irwin is not familiar to you, he is an Australian conservationist and zookeeper that graced our screens on most wildlife programs.

The Australia Zoo is a 2-hour drive away from Surfers Paradise. Opened by Steve Irwin’s parents back in 1970, Australia Zoo is a legacy of the Irwin family.

#Tripsle Fun Fact: The Zoo has been declared one of the top 150 icons of Queensland!

If there is one experience you have to take away from the visit to the Zoo, it has to be the Wildlife Warriors show. With only one showtime (12 noon every day), this is the leading reason behind anybody’s visit.

The Crocoseum

The Crocoseum is the Zoo’s main auditorium and sits up to 5000 people. The main show starts off with a fabulous bird showcase, showing you how well-trained these feathered friends are. We bet you will be impressed too!

If you are headed here, do check out the Zoo’s social media pages to see who will be hosting the Wildlife Warriors show. If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch the Irwin family (Terri and her children, Bindi and Robert) in action!

We were lucky enough to catch both the Irwin kids in action during their winter holidays. It can get pretty emotional, seeing how Bindi and Robert (especially Robert!) speak about the crocodiles with such passion and enthusiasm.

The croc show was fantastic – by mixing education and entertainment, the Irwin family managed to teach the audience the key learning points about crocodiles in just a short 30 minutes.

You get to see them lure out a crocodile and feed it in different ways. It brilliantly shows the characteristics of a crocodile which we might not have known before.

Today, it is clear that the Irwin family is keeping Steve’s spirit alive. From supporting and being involved in strong conservation efforts to ongoing crocodile research and rescue work, it is heartening to see them keep Steve’s legacy alive!

If the jaw-snapping animal is too scary, rest assured that the Zoo has plenty of cute residents as well! Meet Milky Way the Alpaca, take a picture with a Wedge-tailed Eagle or feed some kangaroos!

After booking your tickets on Tripsle, do remember to print them out. Skip waiting in lines as there is a separate queue for those who have made prior bookings!

Heart racing levels: 5/10

Address: 1638 Steve Irwin Way, Beerwah QLD 4519, Australia

Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 5pm

Meet Australia’s incredible animals at Australia Zoo!

11. Ride on waves at Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast is home to a long stretch of stunning beaches. In fact, you can find 21 beaches along the coastline! Beach-friendly sports like surfing, swimming or sunbathing are quintessential to the ultimate Gold Coast experience.

For the cherry on top, you have to try out the Surfers Paradise Surfing Course.

A course like such is great for beginners. Spanning 2 hours, you get to learn the tips and tricks from professionals in a location which best represents surfing. What’s great is that all equipment and wetsuits will be provided (even sunscreen!).

Even though it might be right smack in the middle winter, Gold Coast is known for its warm climate. You can catch many locals and tourists in the waters (as long as you stay between the flags!) giving their best shot at the waves.

Perhaps your motivation to surf only comes when you see the beautiful ocean for yourself. Tripsle gives you the freedom to change up your itinerary as you wish! Instant confirmation is available for the surfing course, so feel free to be spontaneous!

Heart racing levels: 7/10

Address: Surfers Paradise Beach, QLD Australia

Opening Hours: Course timings are 9.30am or 1.30pm

Tripsle me a surfing lesson!

Check off your Gold Coast to-do-list at better prices

Congratulations! You’ve now conquered all the daredevil activities and live out your childhood dreams in the Gold Coast. Next up on the list is to have a proper rest and rejuvenate from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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