10 Types of Dads and What To Get This Father’s Day

10 Types of Dads and What To Get This Father’s Day

It’s easy to find the perfect gift

Every dad is invariably unique, but they do share some common traits. Other than commonly being the pillar of strength and support for the family, dads also have particular characteristics that can be split into 10 categories!

To show your love and appreciation to your beloved papa, here are 10 different ways you can spend Father’s Day; pick the one that suits him the most!

1. Fast and Furious Dad (Singapore)

Speed is key, and speed is life for this dad. If your dad loves finding an extensive highway to slam down the accelerator, he is definitely in this category.

Make his dreams come true by letting him gear up in a Super Car! With the choice of cruising a Ferrari California or a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder along the F1 race route, the day is sure to be a flashy, electric one.

2. Biker Dad (Kulen/Siem Reap, Cambodia)

If have a secretly bad-ass, biker dad, pay attention to this segment!

This Father’s Day, give Dad a gift of action-packed adrenaline with a mountain motorbiking adventure in the gorgeous countryside of Cambodia. Let him take control while you sit in the backseat or both of you can hop on as passengers and let the motorbiking pros take you on a thrilling ride through Cambodia’s exotic forests, waterfalls and hidden temples.

3. DC Dad (Macau)

Here’s one for the dad who, loves a good Batman story; and who, like the Dark Knight, has been the quiet but ever present protective shield in your life.

batman_dark flight

Want to gift your Dad a real superhero experience? Get him tickets to the Batman 4D Simulation Ride in Studio City Macau. Delve into the realistic visuals and cutting edge sound effects as you plunge in to save Gotham city with your dad and help Batman fight off the Joker, Two Face and the likes.

 4. Thriller Dad

This Dad has unwavering enthusiasm, and pretty much has a YOLO take on life.

Where better to take the adventurous, open spirit than to the Universal Studios Singapore, home to thrilling rides (think: Battlestar Galactica) and never ending fun and excitement?

5. Outdoor-dad

Animals are his best friend and he loves being in tune with mother nature. Is this your dad?

If it is, the go-to location on this marked Sunday is the Singapore Zoo. Start off the day right with breakfast- not just any breakfast but one with Orang Utans and spend the rest of the day in the world-class attraction.

 6. Extravagant Dad (Singapore)

Who doesn’t love something exorbitant once in awhile? While mums will appreciate a day at the spa, dads… might not.

For those with a deeper pocket, take your dad to the seas instead, on a extravagant yacht trip. The whole family can spend a day exploring the coasts of Singapore and dive into the waters of the pristine southern islands. Top it off with a 7-course buffet meal on board and you have a perfect, smooth sailing day for the most important man in your life!

7. Aquaphile Dad (Pattaya, Thailand)

He’s perpetually in the sea and rocks a tan every year, every month, every day. Get him out of his kayak or diving suit for a sea sport on steroids this Father’s Day!

Flyboard Pattaya

Strap on a jetpack and flyboard above splendid blue waters and spend the rest of the weekend relaxing with your Dad on the sandy golden beaches of Pattaya.

8. Michelin Star Dad (Singapore)

Gotta give it to the dad who loves the kitchen, for you get the yummy home-cooked food every day!

Join him in polishing up his skills at a local-food cooking class this Father’s Day. The Cultural Cooking Class is held by Food Playground is recognised as one of the best in Singapore. From learning how to cook the rich, creamy laksa to smoky, savoury satay, the Gordon Ramsey-dad will have a ball of a time. (And you will have delicious meals thereafter too!)

9. Eagle-wannabe Dad (Boracay, Philippines)

Eagles are his spirit animal. Enough said, this is for him!

Buy your Dad an opportunity to zoom through the air with this adventurous zipline activity where he will plunge down 70 meters (with a safety harness of course), while enjoying the landscape of beautiful and serene Boracay.

10. The Gutsy Dad (Singapore)

Dads appear to be brave to the extent that some seem to be up for anything. But are they really?

Test it out with a skydiving stimulant at iFly Singapore, where he can feel what it’s like to leap off a plane! One round surely won’t quench the thirst of any adrenaline junkie, but not to worry, with your Tripsleed tickets, you get not just one, but two rounds in the skydive-replica!