10 Things To Do For The Perfect Detox Holiday In Queensland, Australia


10 Things To Do For The Perfect Detox Holiday In Queensland, Australia

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Chill out in Queensland

Yearning for that break from the concrete jungle? Enter Queensland. This coastal state is warm and sunny all year round, with a relaxed pace of life that’ll definitely reset your soul. With farmers markets, health food and gyms readily available, it’s all about looking and feeling good on your Queensland escape!

From the many cities that make up Queensland, Brisbane and the Gold Coast are perfect for unwinding. Gold Coast is known for its stretches of white sandy beaches and coastal city views.With the soft sunshine reflecting off sparkling waters, sand between your toes, and seaside cafes galore –  it’s pretty much a vacation all day every day!

On the other hand, Brisbane makes for the perfect road trip! Get lost in nature and immerse yourself in new experiences – take a hike or even a night of glamping, and connect with the native wildlife.

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#Tripsle Tip: For a cost-effective way of enjoying the different Queensland attractions, Tripsle the iVenture pass and enjoy entry to 100 different available activities across the different cities. There are even special “Skip The Line” queues in certain attractions!  For reference, activities covered under this pass are marked with this symbol:  ℹ️

1. Conquer a different type of fear – Skydiving

Afraid of oversleeping for work or worst still, making a huge mistake and costing the company huge sums of money? Well, put those fears away and conquer your fear of heights instead! Start checking off your bucket list this holiday, with the ultimate skydive adventure in Brisbane! Feel the adrenaline rush as you leap off at an altitude of 12,000 feet, before free-falling through the clouds faster than a Ferrari.

You will get all kinds of mixed feelings at first: nervous, scared, and excited. When you finally take the jump, be prepared to have your heart fall out as you scream your way through the 60-second drop!

  However, as your parachute deploys, you will start to calm down and truly take in the breathtaking views of the city. You’ll be guided by the instructor to steer the direction and speed, gliding through the open sky and live out all your childhood dreams of being a superhero!

This is truly an exhilarating experience of a lifetime. With moments like these, you’ll feel like you can take on anything in life.

NOTE: All jumpers must register online at APF (Australian Parachute Federation) prior to their skydive and new members will be required to pay a membership fee of AUD35.

Because there are many different skydiving companies out there, it is important to find one that is reputable and experienced (considering you’re literally going to put your life in their hands!). Our experience with Skydive Brisbane was great! The instructor on our Tandem Dive had over 20 years of experience and helped calm our nerves every step of the way.

Skydive Brisbane

Address: Gold Coast Skydive, 1/78 Musgrave Street Kirra, QLD 4225, Australia

Getting There: 30 minutes drive from CBD

Opening Hours: 7am-9pm

2. Catch the sunrise on a hot air balloon

Up up and away! Having to wake up at 3am in the morning is no easy feat, but catching the mesmerising sunrise from way up in a hot air balloon is definitely worth the early wake up call. Soak up the sweeping views of Tamborine Mountain and Lamington National Park as you drift up into the clouds, away from the bustle of city life. This is a peaceful yet exhilarating ride not to be missed!

Tripsle your Gold Coast Hot Air Balloon Ride and enjoy free hotel pick up from hotels and accommodations around Gold Coast city centre, making your adventure that much more convenient.

#Tripsle tip: Don’t underestimate the cold! Even though Gold Coast is warm for the most part, you’ll want to dress warm for the early morning call.

Gold Coast Hot Air Balloon Ride

Meet up Point: Mercure Resort, 64 Palm Meadows Dr, Carrara QLD 4211, Australia

Meet up Time: between 3:30-5:00am (varies seasonally)

3. Let your worries drift away on a Parasail  ℹ️

For a different view of Gold Coast, try out Parasailing at the Sea World Resort! Feel the breeze caress your skin as you capture 360° views, ranging from the Surfers Paradise skyline to South Stradbroke and WaveBreak Islands.

Letting your legs dangle over the ocean while you drift through the wind is truly a freeing experience – even your fear of heights will be forgotten as you take in the breathtaking views. Live in the moment and forget all your worries for now!

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Can’t get enough of that adrenaline rush? #YOLO and unleash the daredevil in you with more thrilling activities in Queensland!

Gold Coast Watersports (using iVenture)

Address: Sea World Resort, Sea World Drive, Main Beach, QLD 4217, Australia

Opening Hours: Daily, 8-6pm

Getting There: 20 mins drive from Gold Coast

4. Have a hopping good time with the Kangaroos  ℹ️

Head up to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and immerse yourself in 27 football fields worth of Currumbin rainforest. Experience open animal enclosures such as the aviaries, and be in close proximity to many native species like the Dingos and Wombats.

We highly recommend allocating a good amount of time to the Kangaroo field. Rub their bellies, feed them, and feel like a kid again with these kangaroos! Many of these adorable critters are super comfortable around humans.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (using iVenture)

Address: 28 Tomewin St, Currumbin QLD 4223, Australia

Opening Hours: Daily, 8-5pm

Getting There: 30 mins drive from Gold Coast

5. Spend some Koala-ity time with the koalas

Nothing is more therapeutic than hugging a fuzzy Koala, and there’s no better place in Brisbane to cuddle one than at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. 

As the name suggests, it is truly a sanctuary for Koala lovers – housing over 130 Koalas, as well as serving as the world’s first and largest Koala sanctuary!

Fun fact: Did you know that Queensland is one of the only two states in Australia whereby one is even permitted to touch a Koala?

Besides getting up close and personal with the famous koalas, there’s also a variety of Australian wildlife to see,from Dingos to Tasmanian Devils.

Tripsle your way to some Koala-ity time now and skip the queues by entering directly with your printed voucher!

Tripsle me to cuddle a Koala now!

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Address: 708 Jesmond Rd, Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069, Australia

Opening Hours: Daily, 9-5pm

Getting There: 15 mins drive from Brisbane or 1-hour drive from Gold Coast

6. Delicious vegan food that even non-vegans can’t resist

Sick of sitting by your computer in the office and eating take-outs? Well change all that now with some wholesome vegan food from Greenhouse Canteen & Bar.

The restaurant serves mostly organic food, locally sourced from eco and coastal farms. When the food you’re eating is as fresh as it can get, your body will definitely feel rejuvenated.

P.S. the establishment has gotten so popular that even non-vegans can’t stay away!

The Mac and Cheese is made up of rice noodles (yes the restaurant is fully gluten-free too!) and velvety cauliflower cheese, bringing you all the flavour without any of the guilt. Dusted with cashew parmesan and breadcrumbs, there is almost no telling that there is no actual cheese involved in this dish!

Two of the highly-raved about mains were the Jackfruit Enchilada and Deconstructed Beetroot Burger, and both were massive when it comes to portion size. The enchilada uses smoked jackfruit as a meat substitute, wrapped with turmeric rice and black beans and topped off with a massive dollop of avocado sour cream and tangy pickled cabbage slaw.

The Beetroot Burger patty had a sweet and nutty flavour coming from the combination of beetroot and quinoa. The crispy kale that came on the side was well-seasoned and tasted amazingly like seaweed, while the roasted sweet potato were both crunchy and addictive.

Don’t forget to pair your meal with a cocktail from the botanical bar! Think blueberry-thyme mojitos, spiced rum and mint served in a coconut, as well as a selection of sustainable biodynamic wines.

Greenhouse Canteen & Bar

Address: 1916 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami QLD 4220, Australia

Opening Hours: Tue-Fri, 5-9pm. Closes on Mon.

Getting there: Just a 5 min drive from Burleigh Heads National Park

7.Nothing heals the soul like a hearty plate of freshly made pasta

Craving for some comfort food on a night out?

Vapiano is the place to be! With an open-concept kitchen, see what goes into your dish as the chefs whip up your meal right before your eyes.

Did we also mention that this European restaurant chain prepares their pasta and pizza fresh daily?

#Tripsle fun fact: Every Vapiano restaurant across the world houses an olive tree as well as a herb garden, so you can be assured that you’re getting only the freshest herbs in your dish.

The aglio e olio with prawns was simple and hearty. Tossed in aromatic garlic and olive oil, the noodles were al dente, with just the right amount of bite. The prawns they used were fresh – bouncy and juicy, with a clean sweetness.

The pollo e spinaci is cooked with the housemade basil pesto, and was surprisingly light despite the added fresh cream.  A generous serving of pine nuts and succulent chicken breast ties up this refreshing yet hearty dish.

Remember to grab your soulmates and share a night of laughter with some of the remedies for stree – pasta!

Vapiano Soul

Address: Soul Boardwalk T208, Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia

Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs, 11-11pm, Fri & Sat: 11-12am

8. Reward your body with farm to table food

Source: Your Local Markets

Why not try a hand at cooking your own meal? Hop on down to one of the many farmers’ market during the weekends and purchase seasonal produce grown by the locals.

Source: Your Local Markets

The Bundall Farmers’ Market is one of Gold Coast’s largest food markets! With over 80 different stalls selling organic fair-trade local produce, you’ll definitely find food that’s good for the soul.

Source: Your Local Markets

Source: Your Local Markets

There are also various stalls selling dishes and ready-made food you can eat on the spot. We’d recommend ordering a variety before heading to a nearby lake for a picnic! Tripsle tip: As Australia has recently imposed a nationwide ban on single-use plastic bags, do remember to bring your own recyclable bag when visiting the market.

Bundall Farmers’ Market

Address: HOME OF THE ARTS, 135 Bundall Road, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217

Opening Hours: Every Sunday, 6-11.30am

Getting There: 10 mins drive from Gold Coast

9. Relive childhood camping days!

Source: Glamping Days Hire Co.

Many of us have childhood memories of camping under the stars. Well, who says you can’t do that as an adult! Disconnect from the city for a day and spend the night under the stars.

Take a drive out to Sunshine Coast or the Great Ocean Road and glamp in style. With numerous companies out there such as Glamping Days Hire Co. to help you setup your dream glamping retreat, you can be assured that you will not need to get your hands dirty.

Source: Glamping Days Hire Co.

Create new memories by the campfire before falling asleep under the stars. The next morning, you’ll even be gently awoken by the sound of waves and beautiful views of the sunrise. This is truly an experience that will take your mind off your stressors and allow you to appreciate the little things around you.

Tripsle tip: Do get in touch with the camping company as early as possible as they might take quite a while to respond, plus they will need some buffer time to prepare for any special requests you might have.

10. Have a chill picnic by the beach

The best way of relaxing is simply doing nothing. All you have to do is lay on a beach, and enjoy the sun on your skin.

Save a morning for a picnic by the many amazing Queensland beaches such as Surfers Paradise, Sunshine Coast or Mermaid Beach. Be sure to pack some snacks and drinks along!

Surfers Paradise Beach

Address: 10 Beach Road, QLD 4217, Australia

Opening Hours: 24 hrs daily

Sunshine Coast

Address:10 Electra Lane, Marcoola, QLD 4564, Australia

Opening Hours: 24 hrs daily

Mermaid Beach

Address: Gold Coast Highway, Gold Coast Area, QLD 4218, Australia

Opening Hours: 24 hrs daily

Chilling out in Queensland doesn’t have to cost a bomb!

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