10 Things Mothers Really Want From Us This Mother’s Day

10 Things Mothers Really Want From Us This Mother’s Day

Mothers know best

Mothers have a daily habit of nagging at us to pack our rooms, finish our food, put the toilet seat down (for you, boys!) and a lot more other stuff. But our mothers are also the souls who fill our bellies with food, care and lots of love.

It’s now our turn to show our mothers how much we appreciate them! No, don’t give her an ordinary gift like a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers – it’s time to take a huge leap and gift your Mama an unforgettable Mother’s Day!

1. Green fingers

Gardens By the Bay

If she loves spending time in the garden, it’s time to get her tickets to Gardens By The Bay. Present the plant kingdom to her and watch as she gapes at all the rare jewels from across the globe!

If you don’t mind waiting a little longer, get her tickets the week after Mother’s Day. She’ll be able to check out the “Blue Beauties” time-limited event; watch as one of the most uncommon colours in plants take the centre stage in Flower Dome.

2. Feeling like she’s 22 again!

Ultra Music Festival 2017

She’s been tirelessly caring and looking out for you since you arrived on planet Earth. Perhaps it’s time to push her to revisit her youth! Clearly, our eras play out quite differently so what she defined as “FUN” back when she was 22 might vary from our definition.

So…how about introducing how we party and send her on an exhilarating night with ULTRA 2017!!

Make sure she’s well-prepared with the Tripsle x ULTRA Survival Pack so she can party the night away!

3. Words from the heart

DIY Mothers Day Card

She really appreciates it, she does. DIY a mother’s day card for, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t all that amazing! We understand, not all of us are blessed with the artsy fartsy talent but anything from the heart counts a lot. We got your back so here are some life-saving craft tips for you! Write her a nice letter and explain how much you appreciate all she has done for you and that she’s the best mama in the world!

4. Feeling like she’s on top of the world

Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck

Tell her she’s the most amazing mother and 101 reasons why you love her while overlooking the city skyline! She can enjoy a lovely cup of coffee while admiring the view at Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck.

She’ll be on top of the world, literally!

5. A day FREE of household chores

DIY Voucher Book for Mother's Day

Be creative and quirky by gifting mum with a Special Edition Mother’s Day voucher booklet! Not just any booklet, but one that contains vouchers for her to redeem household chores from you!

Redeemable chores may include the following:

  1. My turn to wash the car today

  2. I’ll mop the floor today

  3. My inner Gordon Ramsay wishes to cook dinner today (and try not to burn the kitchen down)

  4. Alright, I’ll put out the laundry today

  5. I’ll finish my homework, promise

And include a bonus voucher for hugs and kisses!

6. 250g Premium Wagyu Steak in the AIR

Cable Car Dining

It’s time to plan a sneaky idea with the help of dad!

Book a Cable Car Dining experience for your parents and surprise them with a wonderful memory that’ll stay etched in their minds! Let them indulge in a 4-course luxurious meal above the skyline, rewarded with a stunning view of the city – a one-of-a-kind experience your mum and dad will love! It also doubles up as a romantic date that will melt your mum’s heart!

7. Versatile arm candy

Practice Handbag for Mothers Day

Get Mama a nice handbag that’s practical for daily use.

Remember, she always has to be on the go for her kids, so think functionality! Too many options? Here’s a little help from us.

Tip! Check out her wardrobe and draw out a colour scheme such that your gift will allow her to cross-match easily – she’ll really appreciate it!

8. A family escapade

Sometimes, what mum wants is a whole day spent with the family – quality time with no distractions. Do something exciting and different!

Bring the entire family out of the home onto a YACHT! Have a delicious 7-course buffet meal, chill onboard and jump off whenever to cool down in the ocean! Cruise to Marina Bay to enjoy the city skyline or visit the pristine Southern Islands for water activities like snorkeling and fishing!

9. Cooking buddies

Pizza Scissors

Nobody likes cleaning up after cooking so make it easier for mum buy getting her super cool kitchen gadgets! The world is filled with peculiar gadgets like the multi-blade scissors for chopping down herbs in a second or the Pizza Scissors is a nifty one too!

10. Girl time with her girlfriends


Send mama on a Mother’s Day weekend getaway with her favourite girlfriends! We suggest buying a round trip ticket for her to Bangkok where it’s travel-friendly, food-friendly and a total star for your mum to shop her heart out!

Surprise her with a cooking class – we’re sure she’ll enjoy learning the art behind authentic Thai food so she can whip up some pad thai for the family when she returns!

We also think you should book her a luxury spa session so she can enter full-relaxation mode (although she might be worrying about you possibly burning down her kitchen while trying to be Gordon Ramsay).

Remember to let her stay connected with a SIM Card so she can share her special moments with you on the go because family is still the most important to her.

Make your Mom smile today!

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Make Mom happy today!