10 Ridiculously Photogenic Coffees Guaranteed To Pick You Up

10 Ridiculously Photogenic Coffees Guaranteed To Pick You Up

Not Your Usual Cup Of Coffee

We all look forward to a good ol’ cuppa for that mid day perk, but it’s time to upgrade your coffee break with these outrageously good looking cuppas. They won’t just look on your instagram feeds, they’ll also leave you ready to conquer the rest of the day!

1. Excuse me, there’s a mermaid drowning in my latte

mermaid latte

If you love mermaids and all things beautiful in this world, you’ll definitely love the Aurora Lattes served at Zapangi, one of Seoul’s coolest cafes in town. If you’re feeling extra fancy, be sure to add on the beautiful mermaid tails to top off your drinks! We promise you it’ll ignite some #foodenvy.

Of course you can’t leave seoul without donning on a Hanbok and roaming around their palace grounds feeling like royalty. Did we mention that your hanbok grants you free entrance to the palaces?

2. All that glitters is coffee with gold flakes

gold flakes coffee

Source: Armani Hotel

This is truly the epitome of luxurious coffees! Sprinkled with 23 carat gold flakes, this cup of cappuccino is made from a blend of the finest Arabica coffee beans. These are served in the Armani Lounge at the base of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai daily from 3pm till 6pm.

Burj Khalifa Burj khalifa

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3. 3D coffee toppers too cute to drink

3d latte

Source: Facebook

When in Taipei, you definitely have to grab a cup of Taiwanese milk tea! If you’re looking for something other than your regular bubble tea, head to Mr R Drinks (雨田先生手冲饮品吧) for some of the cutest milk teas in the city! We can foresee you taking about a hundred pictures of your cuppa before taking the first sip.

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4. A latte so shiny you might poop glitter

glitter latte

Source: Facebook

If you fancy a mini party in your morning cup of coffee, how about a glitter cappuccino! You can grab a cup at Coffee Di Bella with outlets all throughout Mumbai, India. This blinged up cappucino starts off with the usual double shot of espresso, topped with steamed foam milk and a sprinkle of edible glitter for that extra sparkle.

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5. Live out your unicorn dreams in this rainbow latte

rainbow latte

Source: The Straits Times

Rainbow bagels, rainbow cheese toasts of course Lattes had to hop onto the rainbow trend as well. The i AM cafe located in Singapore’s hippest street, Haji Lane also has rainbow cakes and rainbow mille crepes to complete your unicorn dreams!

You’ll definitely be needing a 4G SIM card to immortalise your unicorn dreams on Instagram!

6. The most basic of them all – avocado latte

avocado latte

Source: Neatorama

Fancy sipping your coffee from someone else’s trash? What happens when you marry two of millennials favorite brunch items, avocados and lattes? You get an Avolatte! What originated as a joke by a barista in Melbourne’s Truman Cafe turned out to be one of the most viral lattes ever.

Housed in the shell of an avocado, we’re not sure if the coffee is infused with avocado flavors but we’re sure you’ll be posting this on your social media.

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7. Goth latte as dark as your soul

charcoal latte

Source: boredpanda

charcoal latte

Source: Facebook

For those tired of the whole rainbow unicorn trend, here’s something to soothe your dark souls. Plus, we hear this Charcoal Lattes are actually good for detox! Travellers familiar with Chiang Mai will have noticed cafes popping out on every corner of the street, with one better looking than another, Graph Cafe is one such example. This monochrome latte is every cafehopper’s dream come true. Minimalist decor, cold brews and of course Instagram worthy.

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8. The rockstar of all lattes – geode lattes

geode latte

Source: Instagram

We all know nothing can dethrone the Mermaids and Unicorns, but here comes an unlikely contender to the throne – Geodes! This Geode Latte is can be found at The End Brooklyn, a cafe also home to the it’s Mermaid and Unicorn counterparts.

Made from coconut milk, berry juice and topped with ube powder and sugar crystals, not only does it taste good, it’s also pretty good for your body!

9. Is it an ice cream? Or a latte?

cone latte

Source: Swirled

Who wants to drink coffee out of a cup when you can drink it out of a chocolate lined cone! Get yours from Toby’s Estate in Jakarta or at The Coffee Academics, a popular Hong Kong chain that can be found even in Singapore.

P.S. You have about 10 minutes to drink your coffee before the chocolate melts and the cone starts to break down, so take a pic and drink it quick.

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10. Float to cloud nine with this cuppa

cotton candy coffee

Source : Burpple

Last but definitely not least, the cup of Sweet Rain at J.C Cafe in Johor Bahru! The steam from the hot coffee melts the fluffy cotton candy cloud above and sweetens your bitter cuppa. We think it’s a pretty genius idea, plus it looks great in pictures.

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