10 Philippine Travel Vloggers To Binge Watch Right Now

10 Philippine Travel Vloggers To Binge Watch Right Now

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Nowadays, if you want entertainment, you’ll find it on YouTube. From how-to guides to daily vlogs (video blogs), you’ll never run out of content to enjoy on this website! With the increasing number of YouTubers on this space, it can definitely be quite overwhelming especially if you’re looking for quality travel videos. With that, we’ve put together a list of ten travel vloggers we know will spark the wanderluster in you! Check them out!

1. Alex Gonzaga (Ms Alex Gonzaga on YouTube)

For good vibes all around, watch Alex Gonzaga’s YouTube vlogs! The Filipina actress rose to fame through her incredibly hilarious vlogs featuring her family – nephew Seve, Mommy Pinty, sister Toni Gonzaga, and boyfriend Mikee Morada. She provides her fans with an inside look into the celebrity life, but still keeps it light and casual with her unfiltered vlogs.

You can expect Alex Gonzaga to come up with the most random, yet entertaining, content! From participating in famous YouTube tags to documenting her travels, Gonzaga puts her own amusing twist that keeps her subscribers asking for more!

2. Wil Dasovich (Wil Dasovich on YouTube)

If you haven’t seen any of Wil Dasovich’s videos, we urge you to do so right now! The San Francisco native began his YouTube career right after college. Dasovich said he was inspired by YouTube veteran Casey Neistat, who is known for his daily vlogs, to document his daily life and travels. As of today, Wil Dasovich is one of the country’s top content creators with over 1.3 Million YouTube Subscribers and a Shorty Vlogger of the Year Award.

Wil Dasovich moved to the Philippines in order to discover more about his Filipino heritage. This led him to continuous travels throughout the country – which he documented as well! Among his most popular videos include Sexiest Islands in the Philippines, Overnight in Vietnam and The Diagnosis – a video where he reveals his cancer diagnosis.

3. Patrice Averilla (Avelovin on YouTube)

Travel vlogger Patrice Averilla, or Ave, is on a mission to visit nearly every island in the Philippines. Although the 27-year-old has gone to several international countries in the past few years, she’s known to travel to more local destinations! To be honest, watching her vlogs makes us wish we had all the time in the world to venture off to places like Romblon, Nueva Ecija, or Guimaras! In general, we’re learning more about the beauty of our country from this girl – and so should you!

Apart from her travel vlogs, Ave regularly does budget guides and as well as “A Week In My Life” type of videos. In addition to that, she also happens to be a seasoned solo traveler! Needless to say, Patrice Averilla is one local travel vlogger budding content creators can emulate.

4. Joyce Pring (Joyce Pring on YouTube)

As a veteran radio DJ, Joyce Pring is a natural in front of the camera. So it comes as no surprise that her YouTube channel has reached over 21K subscribers! Her bubbly and confident personality is sure to make you stay and click that subscribe button with no hesitation. She documents her travels through various countries and also gives viewers an exclusive look into her super cool life as local personality!

5. Pamela Swing (Pamela Swing on YouTube)

If anything, Pamela Swing isn’t afraid to be her fun and quirky self on-screen. Her unfiltered vlogs are hilarious and relatable to many, which is why watching her is quite exciting! You can expect Pamela, or Pham Swing to her followers, to be super real on-screen as she is off-screen. That said, her vlogs are extremely refreshing to watch and are always a good idea if in case you need a laugh! Among her more popular videos include mukbangs, her Singapore vlog, and a Divisoria challenge!

6. David Guison (David Guison on YouTube)

Although David Guison has made the shift from blogging to vlogging, what remains consistent is the quality of his content. His blog, DG Manila, is considered one of the top menswear blogs in the country, where he features anything and everything from fashion, food, fitness, tech, grooming and travel. Currently at 52,000 followers, David Guison is one of the few male travel and lifestyle vloggers that’s retained a stable following in all of his platforms.

David regularly travels with girlfriend Vina Guerrero and has gone to places like Copenhagen, Dubai, and Bali! He keeps his aesthetic on point with creative video thumbnails that catch viewers’ attention.

7. Arabella Racelis (ThatsBella on YouTube)

Arabella, or Bella to her fans, is one of the country’s top beauty and lifestyle vloggers. At such a young age, the sixteen year-old has been able to pull together nearly half a million subscribers in the three years she’s been on YouTube! This comes as no surprise as her bubbly personality is likened by many and is truly refreshing to watch!

Apart from her beauty videos, Bella also manages to keep it real by filming travel vlogs and Day In My Life vlogs! She also steps out of her comfort zone and tries her hand at interviewing, having done several Q&A videos with major Filipino celebrities like Atom Araullo, Enrique Gil, and Daniel Padilla. Her interview with Vice Ganda, USA Vlog, Korea Vlog are some of her more popular videos.

8. Erwan Heussaff (Erwan Heussaff on YouTube)

It’s difficult to watch Erwan’s vlogs without getting even a little bit hungry! His vlogs, which was formerly titled Fat Kid Inside, consists of various food trip through cities like seoul, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. He’s also famous for his Overnight City Guides, where he shares unique and interesting things to do in a destination for 24 hours. Additionally, the fat kid inside stays true to his love for food and continues to cook up the tastiest dishes that will leave your mouth watering!

9. Daniel Marsh (Daniel Marsh on YouTube)

You may know Daniel Marsh from a TV5 reality show called Juan Direction, which aired back in 2013 to 2014. In the half-hour show, the five half-Filipino men promoted Philippine tourism by immersing themselves in Filipino cultures and practices that neither of them ever experienced growing up!

After the show ended, Daniel Marsh went on and continued documenting his travels throughout the Philippines in his own vlog. He sets himself apart from other local vloggers by putting his purpose in the center of all his content – that said, you can expect none of his content to be subpar! His cinematic approach to editing his videos also draws viewers to his vlogs. Apart from the interesting tales, Daniel Marsh also does challenges and tags with friends Wil Dasovich, Bret Maverick, and Jako De Leon!

10. Mikael Daez (Mr Mikael Daez on YouTube)

Together with his longtime partner, Megan Young, Mikael Daez has been documenting his travels since 2014. However unlike other celebrities, the couple always makes sure to dive deep into the city’s culture and find ways to live like a local. As seen in their vlogs, they really challenge themselves to discover local favorites, and go off the beaten track! That said, you won’t find Mikael featuring top tourist attractions in this channel! If you’re looking for hidden gems, local food, and a whole lot of adventure – head on over to his channel now!

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