10 Most Romantic Places in Europe in 2019

Fall in Love with Europe

Europe is easily one of the most romantic destinations in the world. From magnificent age-old architecture to modern cosmopolitan cities to breathtaking scenery, Europe presents plenty of romance to cosy up to. With that said, here are 10 destinations around Europe that you can easily fall in love with.

1. Barcelona, Spain

barcelona spain

Love is always in the air in the city of Barcelona, with heaps of romantic things to do in one of Europe’s most romantic cities. Spend a lovey-dovey weekend strolling along the streets hand-in-hand and visit Park Güell, a unique architectural garden complex designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, with a rich century-old heritage to boot. Then, sit back and enjoy good ol’ fashioned sangrias and tapas at Mirablau, Barcelona’s famous panoramic bar. For the perfect ending, catch an original Flamenco show at the Tablao Cordobes and witness the unique culture of this passionate form of art in Spain.

2. Cinque Terre, Italy

cinque terre

Literally translated to mean “five lands”, Cinque Terre is made up of five towns – Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso. While each town oozes its own unique character and flavour, the colourful Vernazza is arguably the most popular and picturesque. Located a few hours northwest of Florence, these Italian gems are easily accessible by train and ferry. You can also book a day trip to Cinque Terre from Florence via Tripsle to witness its beauty!

Often described as paradise on earth, the towns encapsulate stunning beauty with the sparkling turquoise Mediterranean coastline and stone-carved beaches. There, be charmed by their winding paths, vineyards, ancient towers and castles, churches and secluded beaches. This is one place you’ll be happy to get lost wandering about, only to stumble upon new surprises at every turn.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland


From its grand Old Town medieval towers to the sleek New Town creations, this capital city of Scotland is a feast for the senses that will delight lovers new and old alike. Having earned a reputation as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, Edinburgh exudes a special charm, encased in a thick shroud of culture, history and tradition. The best way to relish Edinburgh is to discover it on foot – where you’ll marvel at stunning architectural creations and beautiful landscapes such as the Holyroodhouse Palace to the top of Arthur’s Seat!

Coming from London? Make the journey up to Edinburgh with the BritRail Central Scotland and arrive in just under 5 hours!

4. Nice, France

nice france

Located in the French Riviera, tourists flock to this Mediterranean seaside town for many reasons – from its charming sidewalk bistros to classy restaurants, thriving arts and music scene, bustling morning markets and buzzing nightlife, right down to idyllic spots where you can forget all about the world – the list is endless. And if you want more, book a day tour for a scenic drive to the backcountry and experience a thick slice of local life – dine at a small charming restaurant and unwind into the evening with a few glasses of wine as the French do.

5. Santorini, Greece


The Greek islands are the birthplace of myths and legends, and there’s something almost magical about Santorini. A world-famous wedding and idyllic honeymoon destination, Santorini is well known for its spectacular cliffs, clear blue skies and postcard-pretty sights of blue-capped whitewashed buildings and amazing views of the Aegean seas. From catching the sunset and enjoying the pretty hues of twilight, to discovering the various museums, wineries and beaches – you’ll enjoy even the simplest things like walking down the sun-kissed streets and alleys. This is one destination for making picture-perfect memories that last a lifetime!

6. Venice, Italy


Italy is so romantic it has made this list twice: nothing quite says “amore” like a gondola ride with the one you love through the storybook canals of Venice, and this city on the water is a bucket list destination for just about every couple eyes deep in true love that you will meet.

Atmospheric, picturesque and steeped in history, Venice has something for everyone. Spend your day cruising the canals and your nights sipping vino over plates of delectable pasta. Then, return to home base and fall asleep to the sounds of the water gently lapping at the walls of your centuries-old hotel. Can time away from home get any more romantic than this?

7. Cornwall, England

cornwall england

One of the most romantic and heroic figures in European history is definitely King Arthur, lord of the Britons. Though no one can agree if he was real, or where exactly he lived, his legacy is intimately linked with mysterious wind-swept Cornwall, a faerie-haunted land of beautiful seascapes and picture perfect villages. For romantic walks on the beach, quiet fireside dinners in historic pubs, and strolls in the wild countryside, Cornwall can’t be beat.

A short distance from London, it’s even got a surf scene for lovers of more extreme activities (though you’ll need a wetsuit a bit thicker than the one you brought to Bali!). Come discover what so many have already learned: Cornwall is for lovers.

8. Paris, France


We can’t talk about the most romantic places in Europe and not mention Paris! Apart from boasting delectable cuisine, Paris is also known as the City of Love. As the birthplace of some of the world’s greatest love stories, Paris is undoubtedly the perfect romantic getaway for you and your significant other.

If you’re in need of date ideas in this city of love, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice – from strolling through Jardin du Luxembourg (where Les Misérables’ Cosette and Marius first meet) to a fancy dinner date at the Eiffel Tower.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Famed for its coffee shops and red light district, one wouldn’t quickly assume that a city like Amsterdam would end up on a list like this. However, in the recent years, this darling city has become one of the top getaway destinations for couples – most probably due to its charming age-old features. If you still haven’t got a clue on where to take your significant other, imagine a dinner cruise through Amsterdam’s canals, or impress her with skip the line access to the Van Gogh Museum!

10. Prague, Czech Republic


Something about this historic city can easily take your breath away. From its century-old architecture to its horse-drawn carriage rides, this is one city that you should definitely consider for a quick romantic getaway. Although Prague is exceptionally beautiful year-round, its grand architecture and cobbled streets are particularly beautiful during December as their renowned Christmas Markets fill up the squares.

However, if you have no plans visiting during the winter season, Prague is also know to celebrate Svatek Zamilovanych or The Day of Love on the 1st of May, with several romantic activities spread throughout town. Couples also flock to the Bridge of Love to celebrate their love after a dreamy walking tour through Prague’s Baroque quarters.