10 Magical Travel Moments As Told By Real Travellers!

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Tripsle users’ most touching travel moments

Recently, we asked you to tell us about your most magical travel experience yet. We’ve received close to a thousand entries, but we’ve rounded up ten of what we believe to be the most magical ones. Keep on reading to find out more about these heartwarming stories and see if your travels made it to the list!

1. Rosanne – Universal Studios Singapore

“I would have picked Disneyland since it was really magical especially it was my 1st time but I opt Universal Studios Singapore instead. Why? Simply because I spent that magical day with my father. It was his 1st travel abroad and I felt proud and happy to be able to give my Papa the chance to see more of the world. It’s payback time for all his sacrifices to get me where I am today. I know it’s magical too since Mama is watching over us from heaven– witnessing how her loved ones make each day count.”

Tripsle Your Way to Universal Studios Singapore

2. Aimee – Nara Park, Japan

“Meeting the cute deer in Nara, Japan, was my most magical experience yet! They were so free to roam about the city – checking out store displays, chilling out on park benches, and even crossing the street. It was my first time seeing humans and deer coexisting so peacefully. Truly magical! I’d love to visit more cities as animal-friendly as Nara!”

Enjoy a Deer Encounter at Nara Park, Japan

3. Viva – Nami Island, South Korea

“The best magical experience I had was when me and my son traveled in South Korea. It was our first time to experience snow and during our visit to Nami Island I heard my son saying “Best Day Ever I love you mommy” while playing on snow. I felt a different happiness and my heart beats fast and thought that I was fulfilled as a mom because I was able to deliver a different happiness to my son that no money can replaced it. :)”

Experience the Magic of Nami Island

4. Kevin – Taipei, Taiwan

“I went to Taipei with my partner recently. It was our first together. I didnʼt know what else to do in Taipei. So, we decided to find an amusement park to go to on our last day. We found tickets on Tripsle. It was so easy to book it and it was raining heavy so we thought we wouldnʼt get to enjoy the park but many guests left and we stayed when the sun shined and it felt like the park was reserved for us since there werenʼt many people. In the end, we had so much fun that we missed our flight back home but the memories we made was worth it all!”

Tripsle Your Way to Taipei

5. Camille – Hong Kong Disneyland

“Truly Disneyland is the happiest place on earth! I booked Hongkong Disneyland passes through Tripsle, which was convenient and efficient by the way, and the child in me just came bursting out of me. I was with my mom then, and it felt like I was transported back in time, the place and characters and music, everything is magical. One can never be too old for Disneyland, at least that is what my mom and I felt when we were there. Plus, it is always a nice place to have a mother-daughter bonding.”

Tripsle Your Way to HK Disneyland

6. Alyssa – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Last February, I went to Malaysia to attend a Blackpink concert. That’s all I was planning to do but a friend whom I just met during the concert suggested that we explore Kuala Lumpur to maximize our stay, and I never regretted it. It felt so good to witness a nation’s past, culture and legacy with just a half-day tour! This experience inspired me to visit other countries as well.”

Explore Malaysia with Tripsle

7. Marie Joyce – Nami Island, South Korea

“My most magical travel was after beating stage 2 cancer in October 2016, i was able to travel again in November 2017. i have a very short hair back then and its my first time to witness autumn in Nami, South Korea via Tripsle. I can’t explain the feeling, all i know was that im so grateful and blessed for being able to travel again after battling cancer with my husband. Me and husband loves to travel a lot for us prior to cancer because for us collecting memories is more important over material things. But after finding out that i have cancer i thought i wont be able to travel again, and that i wont be able to do the things i love because im undergoing chemotherapy treatment for 1 and a half years and im so weak, my immune system was down but i was wrong. Never loose hope and have trust and faith with the Lord. Everything happens for a reason. And by this coming November 2019 i will be back again for autumn in South Korea and visit Nami via Tripsle this time with my daughter and husband to celebrate my 3rd year anniversary of life after cancer.We are so excited and counting the days until out fly out date. Thank you Tripsle for making our travels an awesome and worry free one.”

Experience the Magic of Nami Island

8. Inahoo – Jiufen, Shifen and Keelun Miaokow, Taiwan

“It was such a beautiful moment. It was my very first time to travel out of the country alone. I went to Taipei just to explore another country in Asia. I wanted to go places and experience the culture of Taiwan. I’ve always trusted Tripsle whenever I travel with my friends so I did not hesitate booking a tour in Taiwan. I got to explore Jiufen, Shifen and Keelun Miaokow. It was such a magical moment seeing one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen, having to fly a lantern along the railroad, taste all the local delicacies which Taiwan is known for and even shop for gifts and souvenirs. Aside from being able to explore the places, I got to meet locals and other travellers who remained my friends until now. Amazing experience! I’m definitely booking again with Tripsle.”

Experience Jiufen, Shifen and Keelun with Tripsle

9. Gigi – Disneyland, Hong Kong

“My 50th birthday celebration in Hong Kong Disneyland was my most magical travel experience. This is my very first out of the country and Disneyland experience with my family. I am very grateful to my son for giving me these unforgettable memories and experiences. Also thanks to Tripsle for the great deals that we purchased!”

Tripsle Your Way to HK Disneyland

10. M Ranola – Everland, South Korea

“Me and my wife for the first time traveled to South Korea a year or so ago. My wife is an avid Koreanovela or Korean soap fan. We bought tours and tickets from Tripsle. Tours to Nami Island, Rail Bike, tickets to MBC TV Station, N seoul Tower, and so much more. My wife was so excited, and eclectic to be able to be in MBC Tv Station, to see how her favorite Koreanovela or Korean soaps are made, where it is edited, voiced over, etc. Also she really loved that we were able to go to Nami Island, which is the shoot location of one of Korea’s most popular soaps, Winter Sonata. We really had wonderful time. We would definitely go back to South Korea, this time we will definitely make it a point to go to Everland, as it has been featured in a new Korean soap, I think it was “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?”

Experience the Magic of Everland with Tripsle

How about you? What are your most magical travel moments? Share them with us! Whether it was your first Disneyland experience or tasting the best ramen in Japan, Tripsle is here to help you have a Magical Holiday!

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