10 Free Activities In Tokyo For The Ultimate Budget Trip!

10 Free Activities In Tokyo For The Ultimate Budget Trip!

Tokyo has never been this budget-friendly!

Known for its flourishing tech industry and endless shopping, many might assume that touring the capital city of Japan can put a dent in your wallet, but we say otherwise! You might be skeptical, especially considering that Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but believe it or not, there are a lot of free things to do and see on your trip!

Read on as list our favorite free activities around Tokyo – PLUS how you can save big on all your transportation needs!

Getting Around

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1. Meiji Shrine

meiji shrine

Opposite Harajuku, you’ll find the entrance to Meiji Shrine – one of Japan’s most celebrated attractions. Fortunately for us budget travellers, it’s free of entrance so you can definitely enjoy an entire day strolling through the grounds. Within the Meiji Shrine, visitors can tour attractions like the Meiji Jingu, Meiji Jingu Treasure House, and the Inner Garden.

How to get there: Exit the Tokyo Metro Meiji Jingumae Station and walk 1 minute across the bridge towards the Meiji Jingu entrance.

2. Yoyogi Park

yoyogi park

Located adjacent to Harajuku and Meiji Shrine is Yoyogi Park. The hustle and bustle of Tokyo can get quite hectic for some, so this is a great place to visit to escape for a little bit. Grab some take out food and a good book, and you’re all set for a charming afternoon under the this tree-lined park!

How to get there: Take the JR Yamanote Line train to Harajuku Station and at the exit, walk 200 meters to the right towards the park’s entrance.

3. Shibuya Crossing and Hachiko’s Statue

shibuya crossing

Two of Tokyo’s most photographed attractions are free for your enjoyment – and the best part? They’re located right by each other!

Right when you get off the Shibuya Station, you’ll immediately the iconic Hachiko statue surrounded by tourists eager to take a snap. Once you’ve had your turn, you’ll only have to walk several feet to arrive in the world’s most famous pedestrian crossing. For the best views, head on over to the Starbucks at Tsutaya and watch the action commence from there!

How to get there: From the Shibuya station, take the Hachiko Exit.

4. Akihabara


Whether or not you’re a fan of all things tech, a trip to see Akihabara’s lively scene rides high on our list. Although still quite enjoyable during the day, Akihabara at night is a unique Japanese experience one should not miss out on. Once the sun goes down, thousands of neon lights turn on, and cosplay artists come out to play – mimicking the scenes of a real life video game!

How to get there: Get off the Akihabara Station from the JR Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, Sobu Line or Tokyo Metro’s Hibiya Line.

5. Senso-ji Temple at Asakusa


Asakusa’s star attraction, the Sensoji Temple, is located right in the middle of the busy Nakamise market, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a unique cultural experience of old and new traditions.

Once you’ve got your fill of culture and history at Tokyo’s oldest temple, feel free to indulge in the shop-lined streets of Nakamise for Japanese food and souvenirs.

How to get there: Take Exit 1 from the Ginza Line Asakusa Station and walk 1 minute towards the Nakamise Shopping Street. At the end of the street, you’ll reach Sensoji Temple.

6. Sumo Practice

sumo practice

Although considered by many a must-do activity, watching a sumo match can be costly. So why not watch a sumo practice instead? Out of the 45 sumo stables located in Tokyo, we highly recommend Musashigawa Beya in Uguisudani, Kasugano Beya near Ryogoku Station or Takasago Beya near Asakusa Station.

Be sure to call ahead of time to check the practice schedule! Most practices take place during the week, early in the morning at around 6-7AM.

7. Ueno Park

ueno park

Another attraction to add to your list is Ueno Park, a public park located in the district of Taito, Tokyo. It was originally an extension of Kaneiji Temple, which explains its grand design. At Ueno Park, you are free to go for a run, enjoy a picnic, and even visit several of its surrounding temples – Kaneiji Temple, Kiyomizu Kannon Temple, Toshogu Shrine, and Bentendo.

How to get there: Take the Ueno Park Exit from the JR Ueno Station.

8. Tsukiji Outer Market

tsukiji fish market

Wake up bright and early and get first dibs on the freshest seafood and produce at the Tsukiji Outer Market! Although its inner market, which has now moved to Toyosu, has closed, guests can still walk through the various restaurants and food stalls located in the area.

The market opens as early as 5AM, and if you can muster up enough energy in the morning, you might just witness the fascinating auction seafood vendors engage in for the freshest produce!

How to get there: Take the Hibiya Subway Line to the Tsukiji Station and walk three minutes to the Tsukiji Outer Market.

9. Tokyo Imperial Palace

tokyo imperial palace

Ever wanted to visit a royal palace? Now’s your chance! The Tokyo Imperial Palace is home Japan’s Imperial Family and visitors can actually enter the grounds for absolutely no cost! Although the inner grounds are closed to the public, guests are welcome to walk through the Kokyo Gaien, past the iconic Meganebashi bridge, and through the Imperial Palace East Gardens!

How to get there: Take the JR Line to the Tokyo Station and walk 10-15 minutes towards the Imperial Palace area.

10. Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba

rainbow bridge odaiba

Tourists usually just flock over to the location of the Statue of Liberty to take pictures of the Rainbow Bridge from afar, but did you know that you can actually walk across the bridge?

To walk across the bridge, enter the Rainbow Bridge Promenade from the Shibaura side pier and from there, it’ll be a 25 minute walk to Odaiba! We also recommend visiting at night so you can witness the rainbow lights light up!

How to get there: From the Shibaura-futo Station (Yurikamome Line) walk 10 minutes to the Rainbow promenade. Take the elevator to the 7th floor of the promenade and begin your walk across the bridge.