10 Father’s Day Gifts to Make Dad Feel Like an Action Hero

10 Father’s Day Gifts to Make Dad Feel Like an Action Hero

Wallets, shirts, pens and funny looking ties. When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, Dads often receive the short end of the stick. As Father’s Day draws near (it’s 19th June for anyone who’s forgotten!), you are once again stumped as to what to get your Dad this year. One thing you do know, however, is that he has been nothing short of an action hero in your life and for that, you want to give him an unforgettable thank you gift. Show dad how much he’s appreciated by making him feel like a real hero on Father’s Day. Go one step better than a ticket to the latest Marvel action movie and instead, buy him these fun and adventurous experiences.

The Walking Dad (Wan Chai, Hong Kong)

Remember those times you woke up screaming in the middle of the night and Dad was right there to protect you from your nightmares? Give your dad another chance to be your hero and shield you from the shadows and spirits of the dark alleyways on Father’s Day with this eerie tour to former war zones and one of the most haunted neighbourhoods in Hong Kong.

Wan Chai Haunted Tour

Pap Toretto (Singapore)

Live it up in the passenger seat of a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder or a Ferrari F430 F1 Spider as you let Dad take the wheel on the F1 Singapore Grand Prix circuit. The extreme adrenaline filled ride with an onboard dual HD camera capturing every moment is sure to make your old man feel like a Fast and Furious action hero.

Singapore F1 Driving Experience

Irondad (Pattaya, Thailand)

Give Dad the exhilarating experience of flying like Iron Man this Father’s Day. Strap on a jetpack and flyboard above splendid blue waters and spend the rest of the weekend relaxing with your Dad on the sandy golden beaches of Pattaya.

Flyboard Pattaya

The Dark Knight (Macau)

Want to gift your Dad the real superhero experience? Get him tickets to the Batman 4D Simulation Ride in Studio City Macau. Delve into the realistic visuals and cutting edge sound effects as you plunge in to save Gotham city with your dad and help Batman fight off the Joker, Two Face and the likes.

batman_dark flight

Superdad (Boracay, Philippines)

Buy your Dad an opportunity to fly like Superman with this adventurous zipline activity where he will plunge down 70 meters (with a safety harness of course), while enjoying the landscape of beautiful and serene Boracay.

G.I. Joe (Okinawa Island, Japan)

Engage in a battle with Dad or band together to fight the enemy in an intense game of paintball. Shoot colorful paintballs while enjoying the view of white sand beaches and let your very own real-life action man defend you from the opposing team.

Paintballing Hong Kong

Birdman (Pokhara, Nepal)

Paragliding with a Vulture. Is there anything cooler than that? Gift Dad the surreal experience of soaring through the beautiful blue skies of Pokhara as rare Egyptian vultures swoop down and land on his arm for a snack. What’s more, the proceeds from this activity go directly to vulture conservation projects across Nepal. The excitement and thrill of paragliding for a good cause will undoubtedly make your Dad feel like a real hero.

Parahawking Nepal

Dad Max (Kulen/Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Give Dad a gift of action-packed adrenaline with a mountain motorbiking adventure in the gorgeous countryside of Cambodia. Let him take control while you sit in the backseat or both of you can hop on as passengers and let the motorbiking pros take you on a thrilling ride through Cambodia’s exotic forests, waterfalls and hidden temples.

Aquadad (Jeju, South Korea)

Take your father on a fascinating underwater experience in Jeju that takes you 40 meters under the sea but doesn’t involve getting wet! Peek through the portholes and watch the colorful fish, beautiful coral and maybe even a shipwreck.

Jeju Submarine Adventure

Mr Tarzan (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Glide through the dense green jungle with your Dad at high speeds and make him feel like Indiana Jones in this invigorating 5 hour jungle canopy adventure in Chiang Mai. Learn about the exotic flora and fauna and make friends with gibbons in their natural habitat as you and Pa zipline and swing from tree to tree.

Flight of the Gibbon