10 Cool Tips For A Bouncing Good Time At Art Zoo Singapore

What (bouncy castle) dreams are made of

Bouncy castles, step aside. The ultimate inflatable event of the year has arrived at Marina Bay Floating Platform and everyone’s invited for a bouncing good time!

art-zoo overview

Whether you’re climbing up a not so itsy-bitsy spider, finding your way around a giraffe maze or getting tangled in the arms of a giant octopus, what could be the biggest highlight of I Light Marina Bay this year guarantees to be a treat for all.

Here’s 10 tips to make the most of your time at this inflatable heaven!

1. Get to know your animals from A to Z

Honey Bee

From A for Ant to U for Uakaris, Art-Zoo has animals from every letter of the alphabet, making it so much more than just a massive bouncy castle playground!

installation signs

Test your own animal knowledge with old favourites and ones you’ll never find in children’s books, like X for X-Ray Tetra!

Animal facts

There are also signs scattered around the park with fun facts about animals you probably aren’t aware of, like how spiders give their girlfriends dead flies as presents and kangaroos can’t walk backwards. These signs can be pretty hard to miss, so keep your eyes peeled and try to find them all!

2. Get eaten by the Whale


The Whale isn’t just the largest inflatable at the Art-Zoo, it’s also the ONLY interactive one!

Whale Installation

Witness a light show of luminous X-Ray Tetras and try to hit them with the pink balls scattered all over the Whale’s belly! There’s even some coolers to provide respite from the sticky heat that is Singapore, so really getting swallowed by a giant whale doesn’t sound half bad!

3. Don’t miss Art Zoo’s most Instagrammable spots

You heard it from us first – we give you the lowdown on the most Instagrammable points at Art-Zoo as recommended by the Zookeepers themselves!


First up, the Spider! A favourite of Jackson Tan – the brainchild behind this inflatable park – Art-Zoo’s resident spider is unlike the itsy-bitsy ones you knew as a kid. You can’t exactly bounce on this huge but very friendly-looking inflatable, but you can certainly take a photo with it!

The Whale

Another crowd favourite is the Whale that’s proven to be very Instagrammable both inside and out! If you have a very wide angled camera on a good day you might even be able to capture Singapore’s skyline in the background!

Honey bee

Did you know bears are one of few mammals that can see in colour?

That might explain the concept behind this unique installation! Honey Hives with its bouncing bees and technicolour bears is the perfect site for a picture, but the set-up also allows you to get creative with your poses, so don’t hold back!

Not forgetting Art-Zoo’s “Most Boomerang-able” installation with 3.3m Kangaroos that mimic your every move!

4. Don’t worry about losing your kids in the Giraffe Maze

Giraffe maze

This 25m-wide giraffe-themed maze is the centrepiece of Art-Zoo and easily the favourite attraction favourite for visitors here! Even though it’s technically a maze, there’s zero chances of you getting lost because of its one way in, one way out concept.

Giraffe maze

Sure, you might not have the obstacles or creatures awaiting you at the end but who says you can’t race your friends to the end of the maze?

 5. Bring the whole family to Art Zoo!

kids at art-zoo

Everyone will be glad to know there’s no age limit at Art-Zoo, which makes it the perfect place for the young and also the young at heart!

For mums with the little bubz, not to worry, the many Zookeepers at each installation are there to ensure safety for each as every guest! Also, each installation has a maximum capacity so you’ll never have to worry about overcrowding.

kids at art-zoo

For the ones with strollers and wheelchairs, great news. The grounds of Art-Zoo’s are completely accessible! However, they aren’t allowed on the inflatables themselves as surfaces are uneven. You can head over to the Whale or the Spider instead!

6. Watch the animals come to life every day

lion inflatable

Apart from the Whale and the Spider, all other animals at Art-Zoo require a healthy amount of sleep so that they’ll be able to provide great fun for visitors! Every night, the animals in the park are all deflated to ensure utmost safety and hygiene for all visitors.

sheep installation

This also ensures safety and hygiene, which is the creator’s top priority of Art-Zoo! That goes without saying, considering that Art-Zoo is the biggest interactive exhibition in I Light Marina Bay this year!

So if you want to see these animals inflated or in other words, getting out of bed every day, make sure to arrive about an hour earlier before the opening times to witness this!

7. Do stay for Art Zoo after dark

Art-zoo at night

With its striking colours and cute inflatables, Art-Zoo is enough to catch your eye even from a distance. However, once the clock strikes 7, the whole place turns into an illuminating exhibit that brings the whole Marina Bay floating platform to life!

With bright lights that reflect the inflatables and the adorable mushrooms and plants illuminating, the whole bouncy castles experience turns into a completely different one. In a good way of course!

Also, finding your way through the giraffe maze reaches a whole new level of excitement after dark because of course. Did we mention that the lights turn off after 9:30pm, so the whole park gets completely dark, offering a totally different experience!

8. Don’t feed the animals

In other words, food aren’t allowed within the premises of the park! Don’t worry, the animals have already been fed by the zookeepers with everything that they require. In fact, some visitors actually asked if the animals were real!

Although, it’s highly recommended that you bring along bottled water because all that jumping and bouncing around is sure to have your body screaming for hydration!

Food vendor

If you ever get hungry (we understand, because cardio always makes us hungry), there are plenty of food stalls around, including one that’s just outside the park, selling bite-sized delights and drinks. You can also head to the nearby malls like Esplanade or Marina Bay Sands for meal portions.

Choco kebab

There is also GastroBeats located just 10 minutes away, which houses over 10 food stalls, giving plenty of food options to choose from!

9. Visit in rain or in shine


The people of Art-Zoo has stated that the zoo will operate normally rain or shine, unless there are lightings or lightning warnings. You can head over to their Facebook Page where Mr. U gives you frequent updates about the park’s operations, rain or shine. So that said, Art-Zoo turns into a huge water park when it rains!

However, if you’re not much of a waterbaby, Tripsle your tickets and enjoy open-dated entry! Simply redeem your tickets on another day of your choice within the valid period and don’t let the weather rain on your parade (literally).

10. Bring one home with you!

If you aren’t already a balloon-lover, Art-Zoo is enough to convert you into one. And if you, just like us, wish to have one inflatable just like those at the park at home, then you actually can!

Okay, maybe not the huge ones in the park, but the smaller balloons that are equally adorable, just like the Octopus Balloons! You can get them at just S$6 at the booth just next to the entrance of the park.


They also sell other kinds of adorable balloons, including animal-shaped walker balloons, because who wouldn’t want to bring along a pet to an inflatable zoo park?

When will Art-Zoo be held?

Art-Zoo will be held from 3 March 2017 to 26 March 2017.

Opening hours

Weekdays: 5pm-11pm

Weekends: 2pm-11pm

Last Admission: 10.30pm

How much are the tickets?

ticket vendor

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How to get to Art-Zoo

The Art-Zoo is conveniently located on The Float @ Marina Bay, just a short walk from the iconic Esplanade theatres as well as Marina Bay Sands Hotel.



The fastest way to get to Art-Zoo by MRT is to take Exit A at Promenade MRT station (CC4/DT15), and proceed along Temasek Avenue. Walk straight until you reach Youth Olympic Park. Continue walking straight up the slope and you will see Art-Zoo. It will take approximately 6 minutes.

Other than Promenade MRT station, you may walk from Bayfront MRT through The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands and cross the Helix Bridge. You may also walk from Esplanade MRT via Esplanade Mall.

By Bus

The nearest bus stop is “Raffles Avenue” Bus Stop (B02051).

You can take Bus 531, 961#, 961#, 75, 77, 106, 171, 700A, 857, 960, NR1, NR2 and N.

The Art-Zoo will be a 2-minute walk from the bus stop.

By Car

The nearest car-parks are at Esplanade Mall and Marina Square.

Good to know

  • As Art-Zoo has a No Re-Entry policy, we would recommend you bring your little ones to the loo before heading in!

  • Bouncing around can be quite a workout, so do remember to keep your kids hydrated!

  • Strollers are not allowed on the inflatables, and your kids must be able to support themselves without help.

  • No high heels or stilettos are allowed on the inflatables

  • Art-Zoo’s organisers have stated that they will continue to run in light drizzle, but activities will be paused should there be lightning.

BONUS: iLight Marina Bay

Ilight marina bay

iLight is Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival, and yes, Art-Zoo is a part of this festival too!

While the festival features activities that visitors and the public can enjoy, it is mainly a showcase of beautiful light installations made by artists using energy-saving lighting or environmentally-friendly materials to reinforce Marina Bay’s position towards sustainability.

Take a stroll around the Marina Bay waterfront to see how the 20 different light installations light-up not only to bring vibrancy to the bay, but also serve to encourage the public to adopt sustainable habits in their daily lives.

If you’re getting hungry, head over to GastroBeats, an open-air concept at the Bayfront Event Space offering a variety of delicacies and live music performances. Get a taste of the unconventional, such as Butter(scotch) Beer, Choco-kebab crepe with lots of toppings and Halal Hokkien Mee. The joy doesn’t stop there, though. Held within the same area is Uncle Ringo, the popular, old-school travelling funfair.

Finally, Silent Disco, a new and rising party concept, is also available nearby at the Marina Bay City Gallery on selected dates, where you can rave with party-goers in LED headphones on an interactive dancefloor.

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