10 Bizarre Experiences That Will Confirm Give You Goosebumps

10 Bizarre Experiences That Will Confirm Give You Goosebumps

Embrace the bizarre

We’re always looking for different experiences when we travel and sometimes ‘different’ might mean quirky or even a little bizarre!

From a museum dedicated to the process of making babies to a festival celebrating mud, don’t forget to add these gems into your next holiday itinerary to open your eyes to a whole new world of the weird and wonderful!

1. Dive into the world’s ‘shittiest’ museum at Poo Poo Land

This isn’t a museum you’d want to visit after a meal.

Poo Poo Land in Seoul provides 3 floors of stimulating and innovative experiences all centred around the topic of – you guessed it – poop!

Built with the intention of educating children and adults alike of the importance of a healthy digestive system, Poo Poo Land gives you the opportunity to live out a day in the life of your poop. You’ll even get to slide down a 70-degrees steep ‘gastrointestinal tract’!

Poo Poo Land

Address: Ssamjigil Annex 2F, 44, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (서울특별시종로구관훈동38, 쌈지길별관2F)

Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 8pm, last admission at 7pm

Nearest Station: Anguk Station, Exit 6

Tripsle me to Poo Poo Land!

2. Get to know your body inside out (literally) at Body Worlds

It’s one of the world’s most popular travelling exhibitions and also one of the weirdest. Body Worlds in Amsterdam uses REAL human bodies donated from volunteers to educate the public on the effects of happiness on the human body.

Learn about the complexities of the human body and the importance of living a happy, healthy lifestyle from over 200 specimens. The exhibit is apparently ‘family-friendly’, but we can’t deny the pictures made us a little squeamish already!

Amsterdam Body Worlds

Address: Damrak 26, 1012 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Opening Hours: Sunday to Friday, 9am to 8pm | Saturdays & Public Holidays, 9am to 10pm | Last admission 1 hour before closing

Nearest Station: Amsterdam Central Station

Tripsle me to Amsterdam Body Worlds!

3. Realize your wildest dreams at Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant

If your friend tells you they saw a girl in a horse costume walking down the street, believe them.

Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant will bring you THE most bizarre dinner experience ever in Tokyo and that in itself is an understatement. Dancing girls, flashy robots and strange creatures fill the spacious dancefloor for 90 minutes of pure unadulterated weirdness.

While they serve bento box dinners here, we recommend eating before or after. You’ll be too weirded out to pay attention to your meal.

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Robot Restaurant

Address: 1-7-1 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan

Opening Hours: Daily 3.30pm to 11.30pm

Nearest Station: JR Shinjuku Station or Shinjuku Sanchome Station

Tripsle me to Robot Restaurant Tokyo!

4. Visit a zoo filled with giant inflatable animals

Do you love animals but hate how they smell? Tripsle yourself to Art Zoo at Resorts World Sentosa!

The inflatable animals are back again with six animal clusters and a giant inflatable maze – think of it as a unique playground and art installation all in one. All animals were carefully designed and curated by homegrown artist Jackson Tan.

Let your imagination and inner child run wild and free! You’ll have to hurry though – the exhibition ends 31 July 2017.

Art Zoo @ Resorts World Sentosa

Address: The Bull Ring at Resorts World™ Sentosa

Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 9pm, last entry 30 minutes before closing

Nearest Station: Waterfront Station on the Sentosa Express

Tripsle me to Art Zoo!

5. Roll in mud at Korea’s unique Boryeong Mud Festival

This is the only time you can go home caked head to toe in mud and not get scolded for it.

The Boryeong Mud Festival is one of Korea’s most popular summer festivals that began as early as 1998. The nutrient-rich mud in Boryeong provides the best playground to get down and dirty with a myriad of mud-related activities like mud wrestling, mud slides and even mud air bouncing.

There’s one catch though – if you are found mud-less, you’ll have to go to mud jail!

Note: The Boryeong Mud Festival ends 30 July 2017.

Boryeong Mud Festival

Click the button below for more information.

Tripsle me to the Boryeong Mud Festival!

6. Learn about the birds and the bees at New York’s Museum of Sex

We’ll leave you to figure out what this is.

The first of its kind, New York’s Museum of Sex was first founded in 2002 to celebrate human sexuality. Expect risque exhibitions involving photographs, paintings, costumes and even sex toys.

It will also interest you to know that this museum isn’t all for laughs and giggles. Lectures are also held here, and books on human sexuality can be purchased at the gift shop. You’ll also definitely need to check out the cafe cum bar OralFix Aphrodisiac Cafe that promises to be as tantalizing as its name suggests.

Museum of Sex

Address: 233 Fifth Avenue at 27th Street, New York, NY 10016

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 9pm (Last admission at 8pm) | Friday and Saturday 11am to 11pm (Last admission at 10pm) | Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas

Tripsle me to the Museum of Sex!

7. Step into the future at the Himmapan Avatar Show

Watch a mythical Thai legend come to life at the Himmapan Avatar Show, a state-of-the-art audiovisual experience involving holographics and 4D mapping. If you didn’t understand what most of the previous sentence meant, this is definitely a show you need to catch.

The Himmapan Avatar Show is hosted in a mall in Bangkok that is equally as futuristic and modern. The Show DC Mall in Bangkok is dedicated exclusively to Korean pop culture and influence, featuring big brands like Lotte and other up-and-coming fashion labels.

Himmapan Avatar Show

Address: 4th Floor, Show DC Mall, Jaturatid Road, Huai Khwang, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Nearest Station: Phetchaburi Station or Makkasan Station

Tripsle me to the Himmapan Avatar Show!

8. Go back in time to Middle Earth at New Zealand’s Hobbiton

You can’t call yourself a Lord of the Rings fan if the picture doesn’t look the least bit familiar to you.

The Hobbiton is just one of only few places in the world where an entire location is transformed into an actual film set. Learn how vast barren farm land was transformed into places like the Hobbit Holes, The Green Dragon Inn and The Mill that are so familiar to fans of the trilogy today.

Best brush up on your LOTR knowledge lest you bump into some die-hard fans! For an even more in-depth look into the intricacies of the film-making process, visit the Weta Workshop for movie props from movies like The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, District 9, King Kong and The Chronicles of Narnia.


Address: 501 Buckland Rd, Hinuera, Matamata 3472, New Zealand

Tripsle me to Hobbiton!

9. Go-kart around Tokyo in a onesie

Navigate Tokyo’s bustling streets in your very own go kart for one of the most exhilarating ways to explore downtown Tokyo!

These go karts may be tiny, but don’t underestimate their power! Each go kart can reach speeds of up to 60km/h. And, because you’re in Japan, you’ll even get to dress up as your favourite cartoon characters to up those Mario Kart feels.

What they don’t tell you is that many people will no doubt want to snap a few pictures of you and your motley crew, so put your best face forward!

Street Go-Karting Experience

Address: Building Sasage B1F, 2-4-6 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

Nearest Station: Akihabara Station

Tripsle me a Street Go-Karting Experience!

10. Step into the pit of hell at Chiang Rai’s White Temple

To get to the temple, you’ll first have to cross a sea of cement arms frozen in time, cross a bridge with mysterious inscriptions, and walk past the sinister gaze of the two stone gargoyles. Still game?

Ironically, the White Temple or Wat Rong Khun isn’t really a temple but an eerie art installation by National Artist Chalermchai Kositpipat. Not far from the White Temple is another equally as unnerving art installation by National Artist Dr. Thawan Duchanee featuring bones, feathers, fur and skulls arranged in a homely setting. Home sweet home everyone.

White Temple & Black House

Click the button below for more information.

Tripsle me to the White Temple!

Weird and wonderful

A world of strange and beautiful experiences await the next time you travel!

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