10 Best Ways To Explore The Grand Canyon Including Helicopter Rides And Tandem Skydives

10 Best Ways To Explore The Grand Canyon Including Helicopter Rides And Tandem Skydives

See this wonder from every angle by land, sky and sea

The Grand Canyon is an epic gorge formed over millions of years and stretching out across an unimaginable 5,000 square kilometres. High on many bucket lists, its sheer size and scale can be a lot to get your head around. From spectacular precipice viewing platforms at the South Rim to the bewildering Skywalk, there are plenty of spots along its edge where you can take in its grandeur.

Find the perfect place for your Grand Canyon selfie with our handy guide.

How to get to the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is vast, so a Tripsle day tour, including travel from Las Vegas, could be the ideal way to maximise your time in this awe-inspiring destination. Alternatively, keep things budget-friendly with a West Rim bus tour, jump in a limo for a luxury trip to the South Rim or treat yourself to a helicopter day tour and experience it all from the air.

1. See jaw-dropping views at the South Rim

It’s the most visited part of the Canyon for its accessibility and magnificent panoramas. There are dozens of viewpoints along this section, some within walking distance of the visitor’s centre and others reachable by shuttle or car. To avoid the crowds, head to Yaki Point to take the scenic South Kaibab Trail as it snakes towards the Colorado River. Stay at Hopi Point for a mesmerising sunset and watch the Canyon change from dusty orange to pink and purple in a matter of moments.

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2. Go hiking on rugged North Rim trails

Keep finding photo-bombers in all your Canyon Instas? Make for the quieter North Rim. It’s about 300 metres higher than South Rim so you’ll capture more elevated vistas from here. Hike the Bright Angel Point Trail, a 1.2km paved walkway leading down to another remarkable outlook. Alternatively, the cliff-edge North Kaibab Trail is a challenge for experienced trekkers and takes you to the Roaring Springs Waterfall.

Tripsle Tip: when choosing your excursions, keep in mind that the North Rim is only open from mid-May to mid-October due to heavy snowfall in the winter.

3. Step out onto thin air at the Grand Canyon Skywalk 

If heights aren’t your thing, look away now. Skywalk is a glass-bottomed bridge jutting out 21 metres over the edge. The dizzying view falls 1,220 metres straight down to the Canyon floor. It’s a handy place to experience the Canyon, being the closest section to Las Vegas. The Skywalk is owned by the native Hualapai tribe, and you can find out about their culture here with a legacy tour including traditional dance.

See it all on the Tripsle Grand Canyon West Rim Luxury Day Tour, including the Skywalk and a visit to Hualapai Indian Country.

4. Wander and wind around Lower Antelope Canyon’s curves

Also known as ‘The Corkscrew’ for its twisting crevice pathway, Lower Antelope Canyon was created by millions of years of river erosion. Catching the sunlight dance off the pink-gold sandstone walls is a photographer’s dream. Follow the gorge’s trail through narrow passageways, up steep ladders and past low hanging rocks.

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5. Wish upon a star – or a sky full of them 

The Grand Canyon’s remote setting makes it perfect for stargazing. You’ll need your own wheels or be willing to hike, because the shuttle buses only run until an hour after sunset. But if you make the trip, you’ll be rewarded with unobstructed views over the Canyon, bathed in glittering stars. The North and South Rims host the week-long ‘Grand Canyon Star Party’ each June, with nightly slide shows and telescope viewings.

Tripsle Tip: bring plenty of layers as the Canyon can drop below freezing at night!

6. Brace yourself for a white-knuckle river ride

Offering one of the best whitewater experiences in the country, the Colorado River in the West Rim has 64 kilometres of Class 3 and 4 (mid-level) rapids. Trips leave from Peach Springs (a three hours’ drive from Las Vegas) and include a day on the hair-raising currents, with breaks to visit waterfalls and have a soak in warm spring waters. Make the most of your paddling time to look up and admire the breathtaking surroundings.

7. Drift down the Colorado River

If you don’t feel up to the heart-racing rapids, you can still see the Grand Canyon by water. Travel at a more tranquil pace on a boat along the north-eastern section. You’ll marvel at preserved dinosaur footprints at the base of Glen Canyon Dam before keeping an eye out for coyotes and hawks at Horseshoe Bend. Petroglyph Beach is a stark reminder of the area’s ancient history with its 5,000-year-old rock carvings.

8. Fly high in a helicopter over the red landscape

Cover the most ground in a short space of time with a helicopter flight across this awe-inspiring wonder. Flights range from 25 to 70 minutes, offering a bird’s-eye view of the colossal Canyon – from the ragged forests of the North Rim to the winding Colorado River. There are also flights that land on the Canyon floor so you can get a sense of its astonishing scale from below.

With a Grand Canyon South Rim Air & Land Day Tour, you’ll get a 25-minute helicopter ride with a pickup from Las Vegas.

9. Fall for the Canyon with a skydive

Imagine free-falling at speeds of up to 220 kilometres per hour with one of nature’s most impressive feats as your destination. This is a truly exhilarating way of seeing the Grand Canyon, and sure to be an unforgettable experience. The plane takes you to 5,500 metres to do the jump. Don’t worry if this is your first time – there’s a safety briefing and you’ll be attached to an experienced instructor throughout. However, you can pull the parachute cord yourself!

Why not start your adrenaline-pumped Tripsle tandem skydive on a jet ride from Las Vegas to the Canyon?

10. Saddle up on a mule-riding trip to Phantom Ranch

Ever wanted to be a real Wild West cowboy? Embrace this time-honoured tradition and see the Canyon on horseback. Mules have been carrying visitors since the late 1800s, and Grand Canyon National Park Lodges offer two-hour rides. Or you can take on the 17km-long Bright Angel Trail. Stay the night at Phantom Ranch – the only lodging below the Canyon rim. The next day, fill up on a home-cooked breakfast before returning up the South Kaibab Trail.

Get ready to rock one of nature’s icons

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