10 Best Asian Travel Destinations All Your Friends Will Say Yes To

Destinations your friends will love

Group travel can sometimes be quite the nightmare! If finding a common time to travel amongst your friends is hellish, finding the right travel destination isn’t any better.

If this sounds familiar to you, we’ve got your back. From kimono-donning girl bands to #fitspo group hiking activities, these 10 places and their suggested activities are your best chances for an agreeable holiday together with your pals!

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1. Taiwan

Taipei at sunset

Most people underestimate the holiday potential of Taiwan when it comes to travel. Besides the food and shopping of Jiufen, Ximending and Shifen, Taiwan is home to some truly beautiful nature that is easily accessible.

Kaohsiung, Kenting and Sun Moon Lake are all places worth visiting for their gorgeous scenery and cultural roots. All three destinations are easily accessible via the Taiwan High Speed Rail and situated no more than 90-minutes from Taipei, meaning a day trip to these destinations is highly doable.

What To Eat

Don’t be fooled by this innocent-looking street snack! Dare your friends to sink their teeth into a stick of pig’s blood jelly before you head for the bubble tea and peanut ice-cream.

What To See

Kenting National Park

Located in the southernmost tip of Taiwan, Kenting is the island’s beach side paradise with white sand beaches and beautiful coral reefs. Don’t miss the National Museum of Marine Biology with daily feedings and touch pool experiences to be had!

What To Do

Starbucks at Taipei 101

Something everyone will love? Why not visit the tallest Starbucks outlet in the world at the top of the iconic Taipei 101? It is also the ONLY Starbucks outlet in the world that requires you to make a reservation before you visit.

2. Tokyo

Shibuya crossing in Tokyo

What’s not to love about one of the city’s most eclectic cities? The good the strange and the outrageous thrive in Tokyo’s alleyways and neon lights – something you and your friends can all gawk over!

What To Eat


You’ve tried regular tonkatsu, but have you tried wagyu beef tonkatsu? This heavenly dish is a real thing at Gyukatsu Motomura in Shibuya, where you can stone grill your beef to the done-ness you prefer. Dip your beef into some Himalayan pink salt and you’ll have heaven in your mouth.

What To See

Performer at Robot Restaurant

The Robot Restaurant is truly an iconic experience in its own right with life-sized robots and performances that will enthrall your weirdest friends and weird out everybody else. We won’t spoil the experience for you – this is something you definitely have to see for yourself!

What To Do

Something you’ll only find in Japan! Hop on a go-kart and zoom down the streets of Akihabara dressed up in a cosplay outfit of your choice!

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong is so much more than skyscrapers and neon lights. The city with its hills and crannies hold enough delicious morsels to fulfill every foodie’s wildest fantasies, but venture beyond and you’ll be surprised at the sheer diversity of nature and culture available!

What To Eat

Honolulu Egg Tart

Hong Kong’s egg tarts are truly out of this world. Different from their Portugese cousins more popular in Macau, Honolulu Cafe’s egg tarts are warm, flaky with a delicious custard centre that’s not overwhelmingly sweet. If you’re buying some for everybody you might even need to order in advance – these beauties are often snapped up as soon as they come out of the oven!

What To See

Central Street Art Walking Tour

A new hipster street has just surfaced in downtown Hong Kong featuring intricate murals and street art that make up the perfect background for your latest Instagram shot. Find them all at Old Town Central! The friend who finds them all the fastest wins a free egg tart.

What To Do

Tai O Sea Kayaking

Travel out of the bustling city and visit one of Hong Kong’s many island hideaways! Go for a leisurely kayaking experience at Tai O Fishing Village, cycle your way around Cheung Chau or even go for a hike on Dragon’s Back – the outdoors is always better when you have friends to share in the experience!

4. Seoul

It doesn’t take a K-pop fan to fall in love with the towering skyscrapers and insane number of shopping malls and beauty shops in seoul! Beyond the city lie the cities of Jeju and Busan – both also worth taking a day trip to. Fans of zombie movie Train To Busan can even re-enact their favourite scenes aboard the Korea Rail with unlimited travel throughout South Korea with the Korea Rail Pass.

What To Eat

Egg Bread Seoul

Walk along the streets of Myeongdong and you’ll definitely chance upon these golden beauties. These are called ‘Egg Bread’ or gyeran-ppang (계란빵) and are made up of just those two ingredients! Served piping hot off the grill, this is a great street snack to have especially in Winter!

What To See

Nanta Show Seoul

Korea’s longest running show still exists for a reason – it’s that good! It’s the only time it’s okay to play with your food, especially when it involves comedy relief and great tunes. Don’t worry if you don’t know Korean, the Nanta Show uses mimes and acting, so language barriers aren’t a problem at all!

What To Do

K-Pop Dance Class in Seoul

There’s always that one K-Pop superfan in the group that would do practically anything to catch a glimpse of their favourite idol. Instead of wasting time sitting at the Dunkin’ Donuts outside JYP, why not why not learn how to bust-a-move like them and create your own idol group?

5. Bangkok

Bangkok at Sunset

Everyone’s favourite shopping destination is sure to make it onto this list. With cheap clothes, great food and icy Thai milk tea to cool you down, who can say no to this Summer hotspot?

What To Eat

Chatuchak Coconut Ice-Cream

There’s only one stall at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market that’s worth visiting and that’s Coco JJ, located right next to the train station. You’re served refreshing coconut ice-cream in a coconut husk and you even get to pick 3 toppings from an assortment of red beans, pumpkin, nata de coco, and more! The best part? These ice-creams will set you back just about USD1 for a bowl full of refreshing goodness.

What To See


Bangkok’s ancient capital city of Ayutthaya with its ruins and magnificent relics lie testament to its grand past. Tripsle yourself a day tour here to witness a Bangkok of a different kind and marvel at its past!

What To Do

Muay Thai Boxing

After all those Thai milk teas you’ll need some help with working it all off! Why not join a Muay Thai boxing class with your friends? Learn some self-defense at your own pace and challenge your friends to a Muay Thai showdown at the end!

6. Phuket


Sun’s out, fun’s out! Beach destinations typically involve lots of lounging by pools and surfing on the side, but Phuket has something for everyone!

What To Eat

Not your usual meal but something definitely not for the faint-hearted! Friends who eat strange things together stay together, so why not start with some grilled tarantulas from the street side stalls in Phuket?

What To See

Don’t miss the Phuket Walking Street Market for the tastiest street food and most intricate wares! You’ll find anything from scarves to ornate boxes, chicken wings to paad thai and so much more in this historic Sino-Portugese district of Phuket.

What To Do

James Bond Island Speedboat

For a day out, take a speedboat to James Bond Island or go swimming with fishes at Raya & Coral Island, then end your day with a soothing massage at some of the island’s best.

7. Yogyakarta


Indonesia’s cultural and arts hub is fast gaining popularity as cult traveller’s favourite and it’s easy to see why. Home to one of the original Seven Wonders of the World, the Borobodur Temple is the world’s largest Buddhist temple and a sight to behold.

History and culture aside, go cave tubing with your pals at the Pindu Caves, or descend 80-metres into the Jomblang Caves and feel like troupe of real explorers.

8. Laos


Laos has everything for all sorts of friends! Party-goers will love Vang Vieng for its nightlife and free-flow drinks at the Sakura bar, but the most unique experience to be had so far is tubing down the Mekong river with an ice-cold beer in your hand!


Travel a bit further down south to Lua Prabang for the night markets filled with handicraft and little knick-knacks perfect for friends and family back home.

What To Eat

Lao Coconut Cakes

These fluffy coconut cakes made out of rice flour and coconut milk are every bit as delicious as they look. Called khao nom kok, you’ll find these beauties everywhere in Luang Prabang sold in little bundles.

What To See

Laos Blue Lagoon

Located in Vang Vieng, the Blue Lagoon is about a 25-minute tuk tuk ride from the town centre and the best place to cool off from the heat. There are tree swings for those who want a more leisurely time, or if you’re looking for more thrills you can jump off the branches hanging over the lagoon at your own risk!

What To Do

Tubing in Vang Vieng

Once notorious for backpacker debauchery and illegal activities, river tubing in Vang Vieng is now synonymous with the city’s chilled-out and laid-back vibe. Multiple bars line the Mekong river on both sides where you can stop for a drink before continuing your way downriver with your own tube!

9. Bali

La Plancha Beach Club on Seminyak Beach

Bali and its villas will have you spoilt for choice, but what’s also good about this is that it’s very easy to find a large enough place to accommodate everyone comfortably. There’s also ton of things to do – from surfing at Double Six Beach to photogenic #instaworthy brunch spots and even hiking up Mount Batur – it’s a never-ending island of fun, sunshine and activity.

It might be difficult to find a taxi big enough to accommodate everyone, but thankfully you can Tripsle your airport transfer from just $9 to the Kuta area!

What To Eat

Hog Wild Ribs

Hog Wild has garnered a bit of a cult following for itself with some locals claiming their ribs taste even better than the better known Naughty Nuri’s. We love the casual setting and unpretentious fare (especially their sweet potato fries) that will set you back just about Rp110,000 for a full rack!

What To See

Uluwatu Temple

Tear yourself away from the gorgeous beaches and head to Uluwatu Temple, one of Bali’s key temples and one of the spiritual foundations of the island. Witness a vermilion sunset and the traditional Kecak Fire Dance – performed as a tribute to the gods.

Enjoy convenient round trip transfers from your hotel when you Tripsle your visit to Uluwatu Temple!

Tripsle Pro-Tip: As Uluwatu Temple is a sacred place, do cover up when visiting. Alternatively, you can also rent a purple sarong on-site for a nominal fee.

What To Do

Santai Surf School Bali

If you’ve always wanted to hang loose and ride the waves like a pro, why not take up surfing lessons with your pals so everyone can look silly together!

Seminyak’s Double Six Beach reputedly has the best conditions for novices and experts alike. Simply rock up to one of the surf schools dotting the beach and sign-up for a lesson! Surf schools like Santai Surf School usually offer great deals if you sign up with a friend, so don’t forget to ask!

10. Boracay

Paraw Sailing At Sunset in Boracay

The Philippine’s favourite playground isn’t just party central – it is also home to a wide variety of marine life and pristine beaches as far as the eye can see. Most of the action happens at Station 1, where popular beach clubs like Club Paraw start busting the tunes from 2pm in the afternoon.

What To Eat


Seafood is always best eaten in groups and you’ll find ALL the seafood you could ever want at D’Talipapa market! Send your friend with the best bargaining skills to buy some fresh, succulent oysters and even lobsters if you’re up for it!

After purchasing the seafood, simply head to any of the surrounding restaurants to have it cooked just the way you like them done. We definitely recommend the clams and the prawns in garlic butter sauce – a taste everyone won’t soon be forgetting!

What To Do

Ariel's Point Cliff Diving

Adrenaline junkies can satisfy their thirst for thrill by cliff-diving off Ariel’s Point, but if cliff-diving isn’t your thing there’s also “safer” activities like paddle-boarding, snorkelling or kayaking.

What To See

Spider House Boracay

Spider House at the corner of Diniwid Beach is also a must-visit and reservations are highly recommended especially for large groups of friends!

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